8 Awesome Leaf Art and Craft Ideas for Kids


The best part about Autumn is the cluster of leaves that are scattered wherever on the ground. You go to your garden or a lawn and it is brimming with takes off. Also, cleaning your lawn turns into a fun action. These leaves in various hues look so lovely that you don’t have the heart to discard them. Children love playing with leaves and if your child has an inventive side, you both can get occupied and make wonderful things like cards, lamps, and crowns utilizing these takes off. Draw out your tyke’s inventive side and utilize these leaves for some fun craftsmanship and art exercises that both you and your youngster will completely appreciate.

Simple and Creative Leaf Arts and Crafts for Children

With such a significant number of leaves around you, you will experience serious difficulties picking. Yet, once you choose, attempt these leaf exercises for preschoolers. Give your tyke a chance to acknowledge and appreciate the magnificence of nature with these fall leaf creates for kids –

1. Creatures With Leaves (ART)

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Children revere creatures, so transforming leaves into charming creature canvases is an incredible thought.

What You Need

  • An overwhelming book
  • Portray pens

The most effective method to Make

  • Gather distinctive sort of clears out.
  • Ensure these leaves of various shapes, sizes, and even hues.
  • Place these leaves between the pages of a substantial book and abandon it for up to 14 days.
  • After this, draw charming creature figures with the assistance of portray pens or a shading marker.
  • Stick the leaves on the creature figures and your leaf creatures are prepared.

2. A Crown of Leaves (Craft)

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Your tyke is sovereignty, so making a crown of leaves is just advocated. Fun and fascinating, here’s the means by which you make it –

What You Need

  • Leaves of various hues like yellow, green, darker, and orange
  • A portion of cardboard paper or a plastic hairband
  • Paste

Step by step instructions to Make

  • Take the segment of a cardboard paper and measure it to ensure it fits the extent of your youngster’s head.
  • Paste the closures together to influence a hair to band. You can utilize an old hair band for this also, despite the fact that that will look more like a tiara.
  • After this, begin staying the leaves along the piece of cardboard or hair band with some paste.
  • You can slice the leaves to make extravagant shapes too on the off chance that you need.
  • Leave this to dry for 30 minutes, and your crown of leaves is prepared.

3. A Leaf Lantern (Craft)

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A leaf light looks excellent and is cherished by children all things considered. Encourage your youngster to make a leaf light:

What You Need

  • A glass lamp or an artisan shake
  • Fall takes off
  • Paste

The most effective method to Make

  • Simply stick the fall leaves around the outside of the glass shake with some paste, and abandon it to dry.
  • Light a little flame inside the jug, kill the lights and take a gander at the shining container.
  • A leaf bookmark

4. A Leaf Bookmark (Craft)

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On the off chance that your kid cherishes to peruse and appreciates enjoying make exercises once in a while, at that point he will doubtlessly adore this movement.

What You Need

  • Cardboard or frozen yogurt sticks
  • Takes off
  • Paste
  • Paint

The most effective method to Make

  • Cut the cardboard into strips that frame bookmarks. You can utilize frozen yogurt stick also.
  • You can cut the leaves into extravagant shapes or you can take after a set example, as appeared in the picture. You can pick straightforward shapes like circles, squares, and triangles.
  • Glue these leaves on the cardboard strip utilizing paste.
  • To make it more vivid, draw out the craftsman in your kid and request that him or her paint the bookmarks.

5. Leaf Greeting Cards (Art)

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On the off chance that a friend or family member’s birthday is around the bend, you would now be able to influence your own one of a kind welcome to card. Attempt this leaf welcoming card.

What You Need

  • Cardboard
  • Paste
  • Paints or outline pens
  • clears out
  • Sparkle

Step by step instructions to Make

  • Slice the cardboard to the coveted size. You can either go for the standard size or simply ahead and utilize the whole cardboard.
  • Paint your preferred cardboard with a foundation shade. Gather a couple of leaves, and stick them on to the card.
  • You can draw dolls around or on the clears out.
  • To make this look fancier, you can sprinkle some sparkle on the clears out. Utilize stick, so you ensure it remains.
  • Stick these leaves onto your welcome card.
  • Sparkle takes off

6. Sparkled Leaves (ART)

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Children love playing with sparkle. You can request that your kid make sparkled leaves; he will just appreciate it!

What You Need

  • Sparkle
  • Paste
  • Paint Brush
  • Takes off

The most effective method to Make

For this one, utilize a brush to paint some paste along the surface of the takes off.

Sprinkle the leaves with various shades of sparkle, from gold and silver to red and blue. Your sparkle leaves are good to go.

These leaves are best used to make crowns or tiaras.

Phantom clears out

7. Phantom Leaves (ART)

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This craftsmanship movement is so much fun. Here’s the means by which you train your kid to make phantom clears out:

What You Need

  • Paint
  • Clears out
  • Outline pens

Step by step instructions to Make

  • Gather various types of leaves, ideally huge ones.
  • In a palette of paints or diverse dishes, fill some white acrylic paint.
  • Plunge the leaves in the bowl. Give it a chance to dry for quite a while.
  • Once the leaves dry, utilize a dark outline pen to make eyes and a mouth of the apparition.
  • You can make an opening in the leaf and tie it with a string appropriate over the way to terrify your kin.

8. Pixie Lights With Leaves (CRAFT)

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Evenings are going to get wonderful with this art thought. Ideal for cool harvest time evenings that influence you to need to be unified with nature –

What You Need

  • Pixie Lights
  • Fall clears out
  • Paste

Step by step instructions to Make

  • Design your little one’s room with wonderful pixie lights and takes off.
  • Stick the leaves on the lights with some paste.
  • Ensure you utilize leaves of various hues, they’ll look awesome against the lights.

Acquainting your youngster with workmanship exercises is the best thing you can improve the situation him. Workmanship and specialty exercises are indispensable for the general development and improvement of the tyke, so ensure your youngster enjoys it. Youngsters need to see nature for what it is – a wonderful thing that abandons you in a condition of ecstasy. These DIY leaf expressions and specialties for preschoolers and children are the ideal method to acquaint your tyke with nature, and in addition to enhance your kid’s innovativeness.


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