Best Baby shower games

  • Everybody likes to play with kids and there are so many games are available to make the babies into happy. Once you started to play these games with your kids they will be more attached to you and you will be the superhero for a hero for your kids. It will not be the optional one because everyone like to see the smile in their baby face.
     Hide and seek
  •  Storytelling
     Surprising
     Lullaby
     Bathing with toys
  •  Dolls bag
     Painting
     Speak with the kid’s language
     Gift

Hide and seek

baby shower games 2

It is the most wanted game to play with all the kids. All the kids are like to play this game and it will be the refreshing one also. It will never irritate your kids at any time you will see the smile in your kid’s face. It is the premier one to make your baby into happy and you can also feel relax when you started to play with kids. Make laughing your kids will be more helpful for keeping them away from the sad and lonely feeling. So that it gets the premier place than the other games.


By birth, babies are having the creative mind and it will help to visualize the story you are telling to them. You have to ask them for which type of story they need then only you have to start to tell it to your kids. It will be more useful to make them sleep. In the time of storytelling you to have to be given more expression like the situation is happening in real time. This will interact you babies than the normal storytelling and it is better to tell them comedy stories.


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Everybody like the surprising gifts and babies likes it more than the matured people. Every day you can surprise your baby with the chocolates. If you are doing this regularly they will become a fan for you and they will start to obey the orders.Monthly once you have to surprise them with the dolls. If you are practicing this regularly they will be more attached to you. You can feel the change in your life and you will surely forget any stress. That is the reason for most of the people are started to play with kids.


Lullaby is singing a song for the babies in a kid’s language. This is the most wanted sleeping pill for all the kids. If you are started to sing lullaby they will sleep in a few minutes. This was followed by all the mothers. It will never disappoint your kids and they can sleep without tears. There are so many ways are followed for making to sleep babies but this is the most wanted one. Lullabies are not he learning one every mother know the lullaby and them sig it for the kids only. In modern days mothers are recording lullabies and play it when the kids feel like sleepy.

Bathing with toys

baby shower games 9

Every kid is afraid of bathing but you can make the bathing process into an amazing one by
using the toys. If you are doing this they will start to play and you can easily bath them without any distraction. This is the best way for all the kids and you no need to buy costly toys. You can buy simple toys and it helps to complete the bathing process without the tears of babies. Once you started to implement it they will call you for bathing.

Dolls bag

Babies like to play with more toys and you have to keep all the toys in a bag. This is a simple practice to save things with more care. Two to three time you have to put all the toys in the bag in front of the babies after that they are also started to do it. It is the premier step to teaching your kids to protect the things. In a few weeks, they are stated to keep the bags in a secured place. You can see the changes happen to your kids.

You have to spend some time on the train up your kids for their feature. Painting is the premier step for how to use the pencil and if the babies are started to practice it their handwriting will be the iconic one. So it is better to train up your kids for their feature. Watch them carefully what are colors are mostly like to paint. Even a single drop makes the ocean. Likewise, if you are training up your kids with the simple things they will become the unique one than the other.

Speak with kid’s language

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It is one of the hardest things in the beginning but in a few days, you will become an expert on it.Babies are speaking the unknown language and try to understand what they are trying to say.You have to make a conversation in their language. This will be the speech therapy for your kids and if you practice it regularly they will start to speak earlier. Give them a chance to tell a story and this will helps to increase their memory power. Likewise, there are so many benefits are involved in this speech therapy.


Gifts are the last one but not the least one you have to surprise your babies with the chocolates and toys. If you are doing it regularly you will be the best friend for your babies. They will start to obey your order and they can feel happy to spend time with you. All the process mentioned above is having the unique quality to train up your kids for their feature. So don’t be late to implement these things to your babies. Don force them to obey your orders and if you are doing the words mentioned above they will make you proud in the feature. So let’s started to implement it in your life and lead a peaceful life with your babies.


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