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Weight Loss
A decent eating routine and solid way of life decisions are important to get in shape, yet there's nothing amiss with assuming a weight Loss supplement to enable you to achieve your objectives quicker. The issue is that there are such a large number of, it's difficult to make...
Sagging Breast
With increasing population & pollution, the average lifespan of a human being has fallen down and this has led to a shorter youth period. Most of the young women are concerned about their youthful appearance and worry about losing their attractiveness. Aging is a natural phenomenon. You cannot control it...
Lower back pain
Lower back in the human body is one of the strongest and most flexible parts. However, these characteristics also make it vulnerable to several serious conditions. Since several nerves of the body run through the spine and continue into the rest of your body, an issue with lower back...
Essential oils for menstrual cramps
Over the counter pain relief pills are exceptionally harmful to the liver, increment the danger of heart disease, can harm your GI and have other overwhelming reactions; esp. when they are gone up against an ordinary premise. i.e. that time of the month. However, you can get it; when...
Chafing is one of the problems that are related to the skin, and it is not a disease or disorder for people to get worried about it. Chafing is the skin rashes that can be caused by rubbing the cloth against skin. Or else just scratching with fingers at...
Hi, my name is Tanu, a face behind the momsfy.com. I have a 10-month-old son who made my life so cheerful:) I decided to write this blog for beautiful moms out there because I believe they all need some pieces of advice and suggestions for creating and experimenting something new in there family life.

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