8 Unknown Facts About Eyebrow Lift You should Know

Eyebrow Lift

lifting and tightening the forehead skin. The procedure eliminates sagging of skin on the brow bone. It removes lines and wrinkles on the brow and forehead.
According to a research by American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, it is revealed that browlift the sixth most popular facial cosmetic surgery conducted in the United States (year 2012).
Although the surgery is popular, there are many things people do not know about the surgery. Here’s a list of some unknown facts about eyebrow lift:

  1. General Anesthesia may not be Necessary

    Use of anesthesia depends on preferences of surgeon and patient. Although general anesthesia is an option for eyebrow lift, the process may take longer to wake. Additionally, the risk of complications is more. Another option is to use a sedative and local anesthesia. This method is known to be better. The recovery times are faster. Side effects and risks are less.

  1. Health Insurance may Cover the Surgery Cost

    Generally, costs for cosmetic surgery are not covered by health insurance. However, the case is different with brow lift. It is possible for getting health insurer cover the surgery. This can be done if the sagging skin over brow affects your vision. You just need to ask the company.

  1. Endoscopic Method Heals Faster

    Brow lifts reduces healing times and scars, especially if it is an endoscopic method. Endoscopic brow lifts involve tiny incisions as compared to the traditional brow lift. It involves 3 incisions in all. These are only 1.5 centimeters in size. The incisions are hidden perfectly within the hairline. Hence, no one will notice any scars. The surgeon will use a scope to observe the underlying muscle and tissue. This helps the surgeon to trim excess tissue and skin faster prior to suturing the tiny incisions. You will heal faster.

  2. Compliments Other Cosmetic Surgeries

    Under the guidance of an experienced surgeon, it is possible to combine the surgery with blepharoplasty and face lifts. A brow lift is aimed at correcting signs of aging on forehead and brow. This is also the reason some people wish to undergo additional surgeries to make their entire facial structure look younger. A lot of facial plastic surgeons prefer pairing forehead lifts with other surgeries such as face lifts and eyelid surgery. It is important to discuss the possibility of combining the surgeries during your initial consultation.

  1. Faster Cosmetic Surgical Procedure

    A brow lift is not a lengthy procedure, especially if the surgeon decides to use the endoscopic technique. An experienced facial plastic surgeon can perform this surgery in only an hour.

  2. Normal Routine after Two Weeks

    It takes only two weeks to resume workouts and get back to normal routine. Stitches are removed within a week after surgery. After another week of healing and green signal from doctor, you can return to strenuous activities and exercise programs.

  1. Minimal Discomfort and Scars

    The pain after this surgery is minimal. Certain amount of bruising and swelling is natural which diminishes in a week. Swelling may make the skin feel stretched out and tighter. It is suggested to rest with your head elevated. This helps reducing swelling.

  1. Easy to Hide Scars

    The best eyebrow lift will not leave any scars. These are hidden within the hairline. If your surgeon uses endoscopic brow lift, the scars are almost invisible. Since these are hidden within hair, you don’t need to worry about anyone seeing them.


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