What is Growth Spurt | Signs and Symptoms of Growth Spurt

growth spurt

Growth Spurt is one of the most important factors that is seen from a newborn baby to the toddlers. It is generally observed more in those newborns who are breastfed through their moms.

In the stage of the growth spurt, mothers milk help their brain development and this goes on increasing gradually.

The growth spurt is even observed in the formula fed babies, but not as fast as that of breastfed infants. A newly growth spurt can be seen frequently from 10 days after birth and goes on increasing gradually up to 6 months of age. Though it is observed even at the age of 6 months plus. The wanting will be for other foods and there will be a decrease in breastfed milk or formula fed milk. This is the stage where development can be seen in the babies.

Baby growth spurt

growth spurt

It plays a crucial role in the development of the babies.  Growth spurt definition is that an increase in the food is taken by the babies from the stage of infants to toddlers. This is necessary for every baby because it helps them to grow in weight as well as height. Though there is no specific time period for this but is seen in all the infants.

As all the babies are not similar, even there will be a different kind of foods of different babies. All the tiny developments of babies are the results of a growth spurt. There is no certain limit or number of days it will last long. In some it continues for days and in other for weeks, it can be observed at 10 days,  6 weeks and so on.

Growth spurt ages

It ages are not just confirmed to a particular time period but they will be taking place in and around at approximate ages. However, growth spurt for no two babies will be same but varying. So a mother need not worry about it by seeing another baby. It is said that newborn growth spurt will be at these stages.

  • Two weeks
  • Three weeks
  • Six weeks
  • Three months
  • Six months
  • Eight months
  • Twelve months

growth spurt

6-week growth spurt

Newborn baby as entered very soon into the 6th week, it means that mom does not even understand when the time has flown so fast. This makes a sign that is she is busy with her baby and could not find time to check any other things. Babies start giving a cute smile that steals away the heart of the parents. This shows their development indeed and there comes to another big sign that is the 6th-week growth spurt. Some mothers get panicked by this big change. There is no need to worry because their growth as took a step ahead.

They cry often for mothers feed especially when they are breastfed. It can be as frequent as for every 30 minutes. This is the time when mothers need to breastfed them as much as possible until they stop on their own. One of the advice to the mothers is that taking healthy food helps them grow to the weight and height which is required at this stage. This growth spurt sometimes even leave both the parents sleepless nights. So just be patient and happily enjoy the 6th-week growth spurt with patience.

3rd-month growth spurt

A 3rd-month growth spurt is another milestone in the life of the infant because there will be some major changes that can be observed at this stage. Their routine changes slowly, instead of sleeping continuously they start moving their hands, turning fingers and looking at them. There some babies who will try to hear sounds and turn to look out here and there.

There comes the 3rd-month spurt, how much ever a mom’s breastfeeds her babies, that progress can be observed in the development of the baby. Babies who start to lie in a reversed position that is on their bellies for a few minutes. This is the starting step of the crawling movement and even their neck becomes stronger all these will result in the 3rd-month spurt.

In some cases, at this stage, just mother feed will not be enough and the doctors suggest to feed formula food along with this as frequent as possible. All these are just because of their increased activities and development which even results in their weight gain.

6th-month growth spurt

Parents will be surprised to check that their babies have completed 6 months without knowing. There will be a lot of changes that can be observed in a babies life at this stage. One of the major things is their 6th-month spurt will be comparatively huge than the previous ones.

They start crawling and try to hold things, their neck gets even stronger. They will be able to erect their necks without the support of their moms. Here comes a change where the mother needs to feed them other healthy foods by smashing to make a smooth texture along with the mother or formula milk.

Their gums in the mouth start getting tougher day-by-day, at the same time they need to be fed for every two hours at any cost. A 6th-month growth spurt is yet another major thing in the life of a baby. So it’s the responsibility of the mother to feed them properly at this stage where slowly they will be adding the weight and height.

The adolescent growth spurt

A small baby as grown up to the adolescent age, which is one of the turning age in several matters. The child can be either a boy or girl their body organs start to develop which is generally known as puberty. The healthier food they are given will result in their development. Height growth is more important in this age and it will have a lot of impact on kids health. As the feeding days are gone its time to concentrate on good food by mothers of adolescent kids. So take time to feed the kids properly and to make a good future handsome boy or girl.

Signs of a growth spurt

It is needed for every child as it helps in their development. They develop their body, weight, height and increased activities are the results of a growth spurt.

Here are some of the major symptoms of a growth spurt that are listed below.

  • One of the major sign of the growth spurt is the increase in their appetite, they need food as often as possible.
  • Adding on the weight is also one of the signs that indicate growth spurt. Researches have confirmed that girls put up more weight in comparison with that of boys.
  • An indication of the growth spurt is the change in feeding habits, it decreases from 2 hours to 30 minutes in some rare cases.
  • Gaining weight is one of the yet another major growth spurt change that is observed in most of the babies.
  • Babies will be more clingy in growth spurt period and cry a lot if they are put down, where comes the work to the mothers to carry them all the time. It may be little frustrating to mothers but its one of the indication of their baby growth and development.
  • Sleeping time reduction is also one of the major indications of the growth spurt. Either it can be in a day or even in night times, but definitely both mom and baby will be sleeping less.
  • The baby becomes grizzly and fussiness is observed in them, which is due to the feeling of hungriness.
  • One of the most important things to keep in mind by mothers is that they need to make their babies sleep a lot during their growth spurt periods. Increase the number of naps either during night times or even in the daytime.

All the above-listed symptoms are some of the commonly observed ones in most of the babies during their growth spurts. In case if babies are not showing above symptoms then no need to worry, but it’s better to consult a child specialist.

Late growth spurt

One of the major issue which makes the mom’s worry so much. The known and must know fact by all the mothers is that all the babies will never be the same. So comes to their growth spurt factor also, it will be seen little early in babies who ever are born before the due date.  However it will occur in all the babies, but the only thing is time will be varying. So never worry if the growth spurt occurs a little late because the most important thing to observe is there weight gain along with height. If these two factors are on correct track never worry about late growth spurt of your baby.

The growth spurt is one of the crucial factors so never worry if it’s too early or too late.




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