How Soon Can Babies Start Holding Bottle on Their Own?


How soon can babies start holding bottle on their own?

The time period of mother feeding comes to an end then there will be the need for bottle feeding to the babies. The most important thing that mothers need to keep in mind is that all the babies will not be of the same type. So some babies will be having that capability of holding the feeding bottles at an early age only that can be at just 6 months. When it comes to the other category babies it may take time as long as at least 10 months to hold the bottle with their own hands. The best and maximum time will be the completion of 12 months.

When do babies hold their own bottle?

baby crawling

Mothers will be much eager to see that their babies are ready to hold the bottle on their own without the support of mothers or caretakers. It is quite easy to know whether the baby is capable of holding the bottle by carefully observing them. Some signs will indicate and these are needed to be observed cautiously.

The following are the most common signs that indicate holding bottle on their own.

  • Going to pick the bottle

Once the baby sees the bottle, they will be able to identify that it is their food. They try to come near the bottle even though they are far away from it after seeing. They try to the pick it in hands and hold it firmly, though they will not be able to hold perfectly, still, they try.

  • Baby sitting for a longer time

Babies start to sit on their own around 6 to 7 months, but for a few minutes in the starting weeks then it gradually grows on later. When they start to sit for 15 to 20 minutes then their ability to hold the bottle on their own is developed. Sitting for the longer time is important because while drinking milk on their own it is good to sit and drink.

  • Gnawing is also a sign

In case if a baby is gnawing and sitting then it means that is able to do multi-tasking, which is must drink milk on own. This is needed because the baby is required to sit down, hold the bottle and drink the milk all the three things at the same time.

How can parents help to teach their babies holding bottle?

baby drinking milk

Mothers with their babies to hold the bottle on their own and try various methods to do this. Here are some of the most important tips required to follow while teaching to hold the bottle.

  • Mothers need patience

In the process of teaching a baby to hold the bottle, mothers need a lot of patience. They should not rush at all. It is also necessary to check whether the baby is fit enough to hold it. This can be observed if they are holding other toys or teething. If the baby sees the bottle, are they trying to approach it? or they put the bottle in the mouth?

  • Need actions

One of the best ways to teach anything to the baby can be done through actions. So, what mothers can do is showing them how to hold the feeding bottle on their own. They can be taught by taking their hand and slowly putting it around the bottle.

  • Observe the baby

Mothers need to observe the reactions of their babies while teaching them to hold the bottle, by slowly removing their hand and allowing the baby to hold it. Then the baby can understand if the bottle is moved away from their hands or position is changed then they will not be able to drink milk.

  • Catch the baby in the same way

Mothers are required to hold the baby in their arms while teaching in the same way how they will do at the time of feeding. So it will be quite easy for them to learn as they are in the hands of their mom.

The above mentioned are the most important tips that are needed to be followed while mothers teach their babies to hold the bottle on their own.

What things mothers should not do while teaching babies to hold bottle?

child drinking from bottle

Once the baby learnt or is learning and is enough to hold the bottle, even then mothers need to take care of the babies. The following mentioned are the things that mothers should not do.

  • Don’t leave

Mothers should not give the feeding bottle to the kids and leave them alone. It is because there are the chances that the babies can drink more than required or even it may cause choke to them.

  • Don’t allow sleeping with a bottle in mouth

Most of the babies while drinking milk fall asleep. Mothers may hesitate to remove the bottle from their mouth, but it is wrong. It is important to remove the bottle from the mouth of the kids. Not removing it, may lead to tooth decay and cavities.

  • Take care to reduce the bottle feeding

The most important idea behind asking mothers to reduce the bottle propping as much as possible, because the mother and baby bonding time becomes fewer. In early age, it is much important to have bonding between mother and baby while they are being fed.

  • Never lay down

Care must be taken that whenever babies are having their food through the bottle. They should not be made to lie down. It will lead to very serious ear infections causing many problems.

  • Never stress

Mothers need not get worried if their babies are not able to hold the bottle on their own thinking that their babies are not developed. It is really a false assumption that if they don’t hold they are not developed, but it means that they are not ready to hold.

All the above are the most important things to remember for the mothers as they are warned not to do them.

Some More  Helpful Tips for Mothers:

As a mother, they can help their baby to feed through the bottle. The following are the things that help the baby.

  • Its bonding time

Mothers are required to leave all other works and be with the baby at the time of feeding. It is much important as it will lay a strong bond between both of them. Once time goes it will never ever return. Keeping that in mind take care that mother stays with the baby in their feeding time.

  • Help to hold the bottle

Though the babies are in a position to hold the bottle on their own, its utmost importance to stay with them to avoid any dangerous situation. The second thing is to hold the bottle with two fingers along with the baby to give them support. Continue this until baby becomes able to move the bottle from the mouth on her own.

  • Important to sit

Mothers think that lying down will allow the baby to drink in a better way, but it is completely false. It is always important that babies need to be in a propped position only while they have their feed. In case if the baby is able to sit on their own then it is good enough. Don’t force them to lay down.

  • Observe

It is important for the mothers to observe the babies. While feeding, see how properly they are able to feed or hold the bottle. It is necessary to check are they able to get the flow throughout their feeding session or facing problem after some time in moving the bottle.

  • Hear the noises

Some babies will make a lot of noises while they are getting fed through bottle; it is an indication that babies are inhaling more air than their required quantities. This is causing the sounds and the child is not doing them for joy. It can be corrected just by repositioning the feeding bottle.

All the above are the some of the important tips that are required while a baby is holding the bottle and feeding on their own.

Feeding time is bonding time

Babies feeding time is the time that mothers and babies get to spend some precious time with each other. This helps to make their bondage stronger. It also makes the babies feel that they are secure and safe in the comfort full hands of their mothers.

The above things are important. There is no time which is set that says a baby needs to start holding the bottle on their own. So let them try under the guidance of the mothers and in their presence only.


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