How to heal chafing overnight? 10 Home Remedies


Chafing is one of the problems that are related to the skin, and it is not a disease or disorder for people to get worried about it. Chafing is the skin rashes that can be caused by rubbing the cloth against skin. Or else just scratching with fingers at the particular place. Though it is not so serious problem still it creates a lot of pain along with burning sensation. Chafing can be the result of drenching in water or even due to sweating by wearing tight dresses.  It is caused due to friction, and the areas that are more prone to these rashes are underarms, thighs, nipples along with groin. These parts will be more painful when these skin rashes occur at them, but these rashes can occur at any part of the body, and there is no particular place for them occurs.

How to heal chafing overnight

What is Groin Chafing in Reality?

Groin chafing is one of the common skin problem faced by most of them. It is caused due to the friction between skin, and the other surface which can be due to the clothes or moisture or even by continuous scratching of the skin can also result in this problem. If the skin is rubbed for a longer period than obviously, it will cause a burning sensation or sting. This slowly forms as mild rashes at that particular place in reddish color which will be looking at a blood are coming out. In case if it is still rubbed continuously then it will definitely swell at that place. Or in some cases, it starts bleeding, while in others it can be crusting.


As groin chafing is a problem that is a result of friction, it will occur on any part of the body. And that happens mostly on the thighs as well as buttocks making the condition more miserable to sit, wear clothes or even to walk. The other parts of the body that will face this probate foot, armpits along with nipples, armpits, feet, groin and even near the skin folding areas.

Common causes of Chafing

Skin is one of the most important body parts, and utmost care needs to be taken. Because it protects the entire body organs just like a cover. If any harm is caused to it, then it will be too much of problematic. So skin should be clean and hygienic all the time. One of the most important works skin does is protecting the bones, muscles, and organs in the body from dust, germs, heat, cold or even physical harm all the time. This seven-layered structure is strong enough and at the same time flexible also. But in case if they are overworked then undoubtedly they will breakdown resulting in skin problems. Skin needs to be maintained perfectly neat, clean as well as dry at the same time moist also. It is possible by applying oil, lotions or moisturizers so as to avoid friction along with the chafing of the skin.

In order to avoid chafing of the skin, it is always necessary to keep in mind that skin need not be rubbed continuously generally when it is too moist. It is because repeated rubbing causes the skin to break down resulting in the skin chafing. The most popular causes of skin chafing are as below:


People who are involved in endurance sports will undoubtedly face the problem of skin chaffing on any part of the body. Athletes will never escape from the skin chafing problem.  Because their clothing will always rub with the skin along with that they will be sweating all the time. Running as well as biking is two sports that will cause this problem very repeatedly in the people who are involved in it.



People with more weight also face this problem especially when they are walking. Because skin rubs against clothes or with skin only and creates friction thereby causing skin chaffing.

Chafed Nipples

A chafed nipple is another most seen problem breastfeeding as well as nursing mothers.

Chafed Nipples

Wearing diapers

Babies wearing diapers most often face the chaffing of skin. Because their skin will continuously be exposed to the urine and there is no air flow at the bottom.

Skirts in Summer

Wearing skirts in summer also causes skin chafing as it is exposed to the sun for a prolonged time will cause itching resulting in over rubbing. Generally skin chaffing occurs on inner thighs upon wearing the skirts.

Tight clothes

Wearing the tight clothes or sleeves, straps of the bra or waistband will also cause friction on the skin in those areas leading to the skin chaffing problem.

Chafing Clothes

All the above are some of the common causes that will create skin chaffing by continuous friction. So it needs to treat to solve the issue and maintain a healthy dry skin.

How to Heal Chafing Overnight?

Skin chafing can be simple to hear, but it causes a lot of burning sensation and irritation in that particular places. So it is quite essential to get relief from it as soon as possible even it can be in overnight. There are specific home remedies that will help in treating this issue and getting cured in the overnight only. Let’s check them in brief:

Aloe Vera Gel on the Chafed Skin

Aloe Vera is one of the best medications that help to heal the chafed skin. It moisturizes the skin and contains non-toxic nutrients that help reducing irritation faster.

Aloe Vera

Massaging with olive oil

Using olive oil is for the chafed skin is very helpful as it provides amazing moisturizing. After taking a bath, you may apply olive oil directly to the chafed area.

olive oil

Oatmeal bath

Oatmeal moisturizes, cleanse, and as well as soothe and protect the skin. An oatmeal bath is a relaxing and helpful way to cure chafed skin at your home. Take a bath with two cups of oatmeal added in lukewarm water and it will help you to resist from scrubbing or rubbing the skin.

Oatmeal bath

Garlic is an Unexpected Remedy

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of garlic help fight infections of the skin that might be causing. Garlic contains allicin, which helps to keep your skin dry.


Essential Oils for Chafing

Applying essential oils to the affected area of the skin also definitely works due to its anti-inflammatory along with anti-microbial properties being present in it. Apply in the night and leave it then by next morning the wound will be vanished.

Essential Oils for Chafing

Taking Epsom salt bath

People with chafed skin can definitely see positive results when they take an Epsom salt bath. It is because Epsom salt has an inflammation property which helps in treating the skin.

epsom salt bath

Applying turmeric paste

Whenever there is chafed skin, then in that particular areas apply turmeric paste overnight. Then it will be healed by the sunrise due to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties in it.

Turmeric paste

Ice treatment

Take ice cubes to wrap them in a cloth and applying on the chafed portion of the skin will help in quick relief and healing it completely. Inflammation and burning sensation will be reduced due to the presence of the anti-inflammatory property.

ice treatment

Applying baking soda paste

Baking soda having a natural antiseptic property along with its alkaline nature helps in curing the issue overnight only. Take baking soda mix it with water to form a thick paste and apply it in the affected area.

baking soda paste

Applying Neem paste

The presence of methanolic compounds in the neem will helps to heal chafing overnight without much delay. Take neem leaves and grind them by adding water to make it a fine paste and apply on the affected area.

Neem paste



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