How to make Namkeen Vegetable Dalia

Vegetable Dalia
Vegetable Dalia

Vegetable Dalia 

For breastfeeding mothers it is necessary to lose weight but eat nutritious food at the same time. New mothers often give up the idea of losing weight when they are told that they should also give up food that is an excellent tasting. It is not easy to avoid the temptations of your favorite foods. Here comes the role of broken wheat, better known as Dalia in Indian homes, which shows that the idea is wrong. Dalia is not only healthy and delicious but also contributes to weight loss. Dalia is made by grinding whole wheat bread into small pieces. It contains a high content of fiber, proteins, and vitamins of group B.

Dalia or porridge is a food eaten throughout India. It is a favorite dish for breakfast, but the Indians also eat it for lunch and dinner. As different as our country is, the preparation of Daliya varies from one region to another.

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Dalia has health benefits like –

  • Good for your muscles
  • It helps to lose weight
  • Relieve diabetes

Dalia has enormous nutrition benefits. Just one serving of 100 grams of Dalia contains 75 grams of high-quality complex carbohydrates and 12 grams of protein. It helps in building strength and losing weight.

Ingredients to make Vegetable Dalia

Ingredients to make Vegetable Dalia

• 3/4 Cup Dalia
• ½ Cup Green Peas
• 1 Medium Carrot, Chopped
• ½ Cup French Beans, Chopped
• 1 Large Onion Chopped
• 1 Medium Tomato Chopped
• 2 Tsp Green Chilies Chopped
• 2 Tsp Curry Leaves
• 1 Tsp Cumin Seeds
• 2 Tbsp Fresh Coriander
• 1 Tbsp Oil
• Salt

Method for Vegetable Dalia

• Heat the oil in a pan, add the cumin, green peppers, and curry leaves and sauté
• Add the carrot, onion, and beans and cook.
• Add Dalia, tomatoes, and peas. Boil for one minute
• Add a little water and let it boil and add salt to taste.
• Garnish with cilantro.
• Serve hot

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Dalia has high fiber content. This gives a feeling of fullness and will not be pampered with culinary delights. A small bowl of Dalia during the morning meal can make your day begin well. It brings you essential nutrients, and you feel energized all day.
What makes Dalia so good at losing weight?

Not only is it rich in nutrients, but it is also surprisingly low in calories. Regular consumption of Dalia increases your daily calorie intake very little. At the same time, it does not stop providing you with nutritional benefits.
Because Dalia contains bran and wheat germ, it is an excellent source of fiber that aids digestion and the functioning of your body. Also, fiber in food cannot be turned into sugar. That’s why including Dalia in your diet to lose weight makes a lot of sense and difference.


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