How to make Rice and Dal Khichdi

You have just given birth, and you are a mother. Your baby is all beautiful, all round and chubby. The problem is that you too, you find yourself a little round and plump. But there is no question of dieting because the body of a woman who has just given birth needs plenty of energy.Khichdi is very easy to do. The production of khichdi depends on the khichdi made by you.

dal Khichdi 4

Khichdi is most of the times made from Urad Dal, Moong Dal or Arhar Dal and Chana Dal. Some people also do khichdi from Masoor Dal. Basically, in each khichdi, rice and dal are taken in a ratio of 2: 1 (rice doubles the volume of dal). In each
khichdi, the water is equal to three times the amount of dal and rice.
Khichdi is a favorite food in India and among its qualities a higher concentration of protein, in a hundred grams of this cereal, one can find 12 grams of protein. This is an important fact for all those who wish to increase their protein intake without having to consume animal foods.

Ingredients for Rice and Dal Khichdi:

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 2 cup of rice
 1 cup arhar dal
 Salt to taste
 1/4 tsp Haldi
 1/4 tsp red chili powder

Method for Rice and Dal Khichdi

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 Wash the rice and dal together and leave them for half an hour.
 If you want to prepare the tadka before cooking: heat the oil in the pressure cooker, add Jeera, Methi, and Ajwain. If they crackle, add rice and dal (drained), hing powder, red chili powder, Haldi, salt and garam masala.
 Fry for a while or until the water dries. Add three times more water and rice.
 Close the lid of the stove over high heat. Cook for two whistles.

dal khichdi 3
Khichdi has as its attributes its high mineral content, within which are phosphorus and iron. In this regard, we can say that phosphorus is the second most abundant mineral in the human body, and that it comes to be present in every cell.
Rich in minerals, such as phosphorus and iron, it strengthens the bone system and the muscular system and is also involved in the nervous system. Iron plays a vital role in the formation of hemoglobin.Lentils and rice in khichdi have vast amounts of B-complex vitamins, especially the presence of thiamine, promote the prevention of various diseases such as cancer. Thiamine turns consumed foods into the energy needed to revitalize the body. It is also essential for the growth, development, and functioning of the cells of the body.


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