How to Plan Perfect and Memorable Baby Shower?


How to plan a Baby shower?

A baby shower is one of the first celebrations of any baby before or after entering into the world. It is that function where a baby is introduced to the world and all the guests will be eagerly waiting to see the new one. This function is celebrated all over the world, but it will be varying and in different forms according to one’s own customs as well as traditions. In general, these celebrations are not done by the parents-to-be but by the other family members or relatives which is one of the traditions that is going on for years together.

What is a baby shower?

The celebrations of baby shower depend on the traditions or culture along with the country. In general, some of the countries will celebrate the baby shower as a mark for the arrival of the baby into the family. In some others, it is celebrated to congrats the women who are going to transform her life as a mom-to-be, where life becomes busy with newborns. However, in both ways, the baby shower is that celebration where the mother is presented gifts for the newborn babies.

The gifts will be from the cute little clothes, beds, nappies and anything else for babies. In case of already born babies, all the guests who visit on that day will be seeing the baby and cuddling them as the sign of the first meeting. So, to celebrate this union of family members, relatives and friends baby shower function is organized, which will generally be 3 to 4 hours celebration. The baby shower invitations can be sent via postcards, calls or via any digital platform.

Baby shower games

baby shower games

There are many special baby shower ideas which can make your day more special. The celebrations of baby shower will certainly contain some games to entertain both the guests as well as the parents-to-be. There are many games which can be played during the celebrations. Here is the list of fun baby shower games that really are interesting.

  • Should not say the word ‘baby’ throughout the party
  • Collect childhood photo of guests and guess who that is?
  • Ask the guests to search the pacifiers from the hidden place and win gifts
  • Feel the items in the bag and write on the paper
  • List out the facts about guests and ask others to find who is that
  • Secret questions for parents regarding the baby and quiz in front of everyone
  • Pinning baby item card on the back and ask to guess what is there on the back
  • Drawing pictures of the baby by putting papers on the head
  • Writing sayings for the babies and collect them from the pot
  • Need to tell the type of chocolate candy in the dirty diapers
  • Collect the baby eggs and don’t drop them in between the race
  • The one who drinks the entire bottle filled with juice or alcohol will win the game.
  • Ice melting baby
  • Mock diaper games
  • Bumping bellies games

The above are few games to say there are many more that make these celebrations, funny, joyful and entertain everyone to participate in it.

Baby shower decorations

baby shower decorations

A celebration without the decoration will look very dull, so it is important to make decorations that will perfectly fit the occasion. The decorations for the baby shower should be as per the occasion and that should definitely make everyone feel the awesome atmosphere. The decorations for this occasion can be selected according to one particular theme.  The baby shower decoration ideas can include:

  • Ceiling decoration
  • Flower strings
  • Decorating kits
  • Candles
  • Wishes strings
  • Backdrops
  • Centrepieces
  • Paper flower bouquets
  • Confetti
  • Pom Poms
  • Garlands
  • Place card holder
  • Streamers
  • Party lights
  • Wall decorations

There are plenty of baby shower decoration items available in the online stores. One can select according to their own choice because all the items do not require for the occasion.

Baby shower gifts

baby shower gifts

There are many baby shower gift ideas for mom and babies. However, the gifts for the occasion of baby shower will be all the items related to babies as well as baby-mother related. Some of the popular gifts are as follows:

  • The first best gift for the babies can be newborn diapers.
  • Quick change crib sheets are also important for the babies.
  • Nursing covers for those babies who need warm or spend more time close to their moms
  • Non- contact thermometers are also a good idea, which may not be useful immediately but later on.
  • Rocker to avoid the reflux and colic.
  • A kit consisting of baby shampoos, moisturizers, soaps and wipes
  • Sleepsack for the babies to protect from the cool breeze especially in winters
  • Recovery kit for moms
  • Sound machines can be wonderful gifts as babies trouble while sleeping
  • Changing pads are coming along with diapers these days
  • Nail trimmers for babies
  • Pacifier clips, so as not to lose them or throw anywhere
  • Bumboo booster seat that helps as a feeding seat
  • Babywearing wraps to carry babies along with moms
  • Nursing covers that are useful while feeding

The above are some unique gifts that are helpful for the newborns as well as the new mommas.

Baby shower themes

baby shower themes

A beautiful theme is a sure thing to be included in the baby shower checklist. Baby shower themes can generally be neutral one as the parents cannot know whether they are a baby girl or boy. Themes should reflect the parents-to-be interests also. Some of the popular themes for the baby shower occasion are as follows:

  • Twinkle Twinkle little star theme
  • Vintage cool colour filled theme
  • The eco-friendly baby shower theme
  • Rabbit theme for the baby shower
  • Little birds theme
  • Pink colour theme
  • Cute clever robot theme
  • Bun in the oven theme
  • Books theme
  • Rust camping theme
  • Hot air balloon theme

Baby shower food ideas

On the day of the baby shower, all the guests arrive and serve them the best food along with the mom-to-be. Themed snacks also work out well for these celebrations along with appetizers. From special baby shower cakes to unique food recipes, there are many options available you can keep as the menu for the special day.

Some of the coolest ideas for the hosts of baby shower are as follows:

  • Popcorn all time favourite and coloured popcorn can be the best idea.
  • Grilled cheese bites will be a good snack
  • Fruit salad parfaits
  • Pizza dippers also will be a delicious snack
  • Chicken salad bites will be lip smacking food
  • Waffles
  • Chilli grilled corn
  • Yummy spinach artichoke cups
  • Special pasta
  • Fresh Juices

The above are some of the snacks and juices that go well on this special occasion.

When to have baby shower?

The best time for celebrating the baby shower party will be just before 4 to 6 weeks prior to delivery. It is because the mom-to-be can actively participate in the function without the feeling of any tiredness. Apart from that, even this celebrations are dependent on several other factors some of the popular ones include.

  • Consider the season of the year
  • Choose Saturdays or Sundays without any interference of holidays or festivals
  • The best time to celebrate will be during the afternoons.
  • Hosting a baby shower party a little earlier than the due date makes the mom-to-be to shop for the essentials whatever they are missing.
  • It is also important to consult the important guests and take their appointment for their presence on this special occasion.

Baby shower thank you wording:

The final will be thanking the hosts for the wonderful party they have hosted for the parents-to-be which is very much essential at the end of the party. Then thanks all the guests who have participated and made this party so special and presented a gift for the mom. The thank you at the end of the party fills everyone’s heart with happiness especially whoever has hosted the party.

The thank you wording for the baby shower from the parents-to-be makes them forget all their efforts behind organizing this party for their friends or relatives. One can even write something on their own and present it before the guests as well as hosts. Even they can sing a song or poet as a thank you wording and this also means taking the blessings for their baby from everyone.

The baby shower is one of the best occasion to celebrate and wish the baby to come soon into this world. At the same time fill the happiness in the lives of parents from this special occasion.


  1. Figuring out when to have a baby shower can be frustrating. Balancing guests and the honoree’s schedules while planning activities is hard enough. Adding in a narrow window of pregnancy often makes it feel impossible. We know that throwing a baby shower is supposed to be about celebrating the joy of a new life and a growing family. It definitely shouldn’t be stressful. That’s why I would say very well written.

  2. Baby shower is such a big thing here in the US. I’m actually amazed with the amount of preparation they spend in every baby shower I attended. I love that they can create a Baby Registry to give you an idea what gift you could get for the baby! Great post.

  3. This is great! I never thought about planning baby showers, but one day I’ll need to do it for a few of my friends. This was informational.

  4. These are all amazing tips and Baby Showers are always so much fun and they are really a special time for everyone involved. I love all of your tips here and will use them when I plan my next baby shower 🙂


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