Why and What is the Importance of Pregnancy Movies?


Pregnancy is one of the best times to eat, sleep, relax at the same time tough because a women need to bare all the pains such as toothaches, headaches, and other issues. Leaving all this apart a pregnant woman needs to spend the time happily and relax as much as possible. There are many ways to relax and enjoy where reading magazines, books come first on the list. The other best thing is to watch the movies and relax happily leaving all the worries aside. Relaxation is most important during the pregnancy that will help in maintaining a peaceful mind which will have an effect on the babies in the womb.

Pregnancy Movies

Watching a movie by sitting on a sofa or a bed will help the pregnant women to take rest in one of the most possible relaxation positions. Though watching movies is the best option, while the most important is other movies may be making emotional which sometimes lead to continuous weeping or taken to heart. So, to get rid of these situations the best thing is to watch the pregnancy movies. One of the major advantages of watching movies about pregnancy will allow to always think about the babies and understand how to bring them up in future as well as many other morals.

Pregnancy movies are available in huge numbers which thereby allowing the women to watch them, by choosing whatever they want to watch. However, these movies are categorized into various types such as funny pregnancy movies, teen pregnancy movies, and many others. So, it’s up to the viewers wish to choose a type and watch the movie from that category. All these movies are available on youtube or some famous sites like Netflix from where they can be streamed online or downloaded.

Top Pregnancy Movies

Pregnancy movies have become popular only with the interest of the viewers, it means the story in it is liked by them. There are many best pregnancy movies out of which some of them are as listed below.

  1. Babies

One of the most popular movies which story runs around the four babies belonging to different countries of the world. The moral of the movie is that though the babies belong different cultures, traditions and live in different parts of the world, sill they behave in a similar way only.

Babies Movie

  1. Nine Months

One of the yet another best pregnancy movie, the story of this reflects late 90’s. This film runs around the two young couple who are in a relationship and at the same time, it also makes to understand the responsibilities of fatherhood.

Nine Months movie

  1. Knocked up

Knocked up is another movie that stands in the list of the best pregnancy movies, where the couple is of opposite behavior. This is one of the heartwarming and hilarious movies that will definitely make every pregnant woman have a look at it at least once.

Knocked up

  1. Due Date

Due date is another best movie that pregnant women need to watch it once and they wish to see even a couple of times further. This is a kind of adventurous movie which entirely runs around the father-to-be who misses the flight for the delivery of his wife. Then he needs to hitch a ride along with the other person though he does not like.

Due Date MOvie

  1. Away We Go

Away we go is one of the wonderful movies loved by most of the people. The story behind this movie is how to build a cute little family. This movie also emphasizes the parenting skills from various couples that make the parents learn from it. In the 98 minutes of this video, it makes the viewer understand the importance of family.

Away We Go

  1. The business of being Born

The business of being born is one of the wonderful films which can be chosen without thinking twice. It as becomes popular among other pregnancy films because it reflects on the facts about pregnancy and modern deliveries. It mainly focuses on the facts regarding the childbirths, medical emergencies and much more. One of the most important film to watch during pregnancy.

The business of being Born

  1. Baby Boom

One of the wonderful movies of the 1980’s is Baby Boom, which focuses on how well a woman will take care of her responsibilities. Though she is having a high powered career still she gives away only for her baby and is completely blindfolded in the parenthood. She proves herself in front of the society and withstands for all the odds and becomes the best mother.

baby boom movie

  1. Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride is yet another best hilarious movie to watch by women during their pregnancy. It completely focuses on helping nature within the family during tough times and at the same time about late-in-life pregnancies.

Father of the Bride

  1. Waitress

Waitress is one of the best pregnancy films that has become popular. The story runs around a woman who is upset upon listening to the news that she is pregnant due to her abusive husband. She develops an amazing bond with her baby in the womb.

waitress movie

  1. Labor Pains

Labor pains is yet another movie that tops in the list of best pregnancy movies. This movie is about making a fake pregnancy to escape from an arrogant boss. In the end, fake pregnancy becomes a real one.

Labor Pains

Teen pregnancy movies

Teen pregnancy movies also became popular which will focus on the problems and issues faced. Some of the popular pregnancy movies are:

  1. Juno

Juno is one of the popular and top teen pregnancy movies, wherein a teenager gets pregnant upon having sex with her boyfriend. She gives birth to a baby and gives that baby for adoption.


  1. Coal Miners Daughter

This wonderful film is an autobiography of Loretta Lynn who became a mother at age of 13 years. She is a mother of 4 children and became a grandmother at the age of 29 years.

Coal Miners Daughter

  1. Saved

Saved is yet another teen pregnancy movie where a Christian girl gets pregnant at the age of high school only to save her best friend, but at last, he cheats her.

saved movie

  1. Riding in Car with Boys

Riding in a car with boys is another popular teen pregnancy movie, where the girl struggles and makes her self in front of the world. This girl used to never go with boys but unfortunately became pregnant with one of the sweet natured guy and married him.

Riding in Car with Boys

  1. Unexpected

Unexpected is yet another teen pregnancy movie. This is a story here, a teacher and a student both are pregnant and they will be navigating about their pregnancies.


Apart from the above 5 teen pregnancy movies, there are many others, but these are popular and watched by most of them.

Funny Pregnancy movies

Pregnant women should be happy and laughing as it reflects on the baby in the womb. So there are many comedy pregnancy movies some of the popular ones are as listed below.

  1. Citizen Ruth
  2. Knocked up
  3. Neighbors
  4. Baby Mama
  5. Nine months
  6. What to expect when you’re expecting
  7. The Backup Plan

The above are some of the most popular movies that bring out lots of comedy to the pregnant women who are viewing them.

Pregnancy movies on Netflix

Pregnancy movies are available in the Netflix so rush in and also some of them are listed below. So that it will be quite easy to search for them.

  1. Baby’s day out
  2. Rosemary’s baby
  3. The switch
  4. Fools rush in
  5. Life Happens
  6. The Pregnancy project
  7. Baby daddy
  8. Raising Hope
  9. Babies
  10. Knocked up
  11. Baby Mama
  12. Alay we go
  13. The business of being born
  14. Life as we know it

All the above are easily available on the Netflix site without any difficulty. So to spend time watching pregnancy movies choose one from the list of pregnancy movies.



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