7 Healthy Tips to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain

Lower back in the human body is one of the strongest and most flexible parts. However, these characteristics also make it vulnerable to several serious conditions. Since several nerves of the body run through the spine and continue into the rest of your body, an issue with lower back pain may lead to pain in the leg, hips, and a lot more.

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Indulging in lifting heavy objects, twisting, facing an accident, or a sudden attack/movement may force muscles or ligaments to stretch. In many cases, these may develop microscopic tears. As one age, repetitive stress and poor posture tend to cause strain in muscle. In some cases, a muscle strain can be severe.

How to Prevent Lower Back Pain?

  1. Workout your Core

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Most back doctors suggest their patients to work-out and strengthen their core muscles. This is important to give ample support to the lower back and avoid an injury. You can start with low-impact cardiovascular exercises such as walking. This helps in increasing the flow of blood to the spine and supply of healing nutrients and ample hydration to lower back structures. In case, you are unable to exercise, start slow. Move and walk for 10 minutes and increase the timeline slowly. Also, try going up and down your stairs. Take a walk with a friend at the park.

  1. Maintain Correct Posture

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Poor posture can place pressure on your back. This can lead to degenerated discs get more painful. Using an ergonomic chair will be helpful in providing support to the natural curve of your lower spine. Keep checking posture while at work. Set a timer on the phone to remind yourself of this. You must leave your desk and walk around at least every hour if your job demands sitting most of the day. A standup desk for certain parts of the day will also be helpful in maintaining correct posture.

  1. Appropriate Lifting


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Adopt correct lifting technique especially when handling heavy objects. Regardless of your age and level of strength, you are vulnerable to injury. Lower back can get affected while lifting a heavy object inaccurately. Speak to your doctor or a fitness expert about how to lift weights.

  1. Play Safe

If you are an athlete or play a sport, play safe. Regardless of how fit and strong you are, be careful while indulging in physical activity or playing a game. Any wrong move can injure your lower back.

  1. Maintain Healthy Body Weight

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Being obese is another major reason for experiencing back pain. Hence, it is important to maintain healthy body weight. Include an exercise regime in your daily life. Following a healthy diet is also important. Drink lots of water and minimize the intake of alcohol and aerated drinks. Following an anti-inflammatory diet will help. If you smoke, stop smoking. Studies have revealed that nicotine intake can affect the spine.

  1. Rest More

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Do you get enough time to sleep or relax? You should take out some time to enjoy deep, interrupted sleep. Deep, restorative sleep can lead to lower back pain. It may even result in worsening an existing back condition.

  1. Take Care of your Hamstrings

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Most people are unaware of the fact that tight hamstrings can cause lower back pain. It is helpful to indulge in simple hamstring stretching exercises. These are very helpful in reducing the pressure on your pelvis. It will also provide ample relief across the low back. Since all types of hamstring stretching exercises are not good for all types of back conditions, speak to a back doctor or physical therapist. They can help you to know the best and safest approach.

Try These Tips to maintain your lower back healthy and fit.


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