Pregnancy announcement ideas to make your unique moment special

pregnancy announcement

Coming off an extra member in the family is really very special, for a parent it is like steeping in the new stage of life. It is something that is very exciting and nobody can wait for nine months after getting aware that you are pregnant. Make your pregnancy announcement in such a way that should be memorable to everyone. Apart from steeping in the next stage of your life, you are about to give birth to a new life. Being pregnant is a feeling of happiness and one must share happiness with their family.


Get some unique pregnancy announcement ideas

pregnancy announcement

  • In this special celebrating, if you are a pet lover than a pet can help you. Usually, a dog is best pet people do care about it like their own child. They love their owner’s baby. Take a piece of board and write over it, I am going to be a big brother, hang this board around the dog’s neck. This will reveal that his owner will get a baby soon.
  • Do small things that symbolizes about a baby. Get some small pairs of shoes, or kid clothes, getting a baby feeding milk bottle will be another best thing that will symbolize about the coming member.
  • If you already have a kid then let her/him help you in making your pregnancy announcement. Get a t-shirt printed with I am no longer smallest now. This t-shirt should be the size of your 1st Make your kid wear it; this will reveal that he/ she will soon have a younger sibling.

One can take the help of other in order to do a pregnancy announcement.


Let’s make the moment funny and get some idea for a funny pregnancy announcement.

pregnancy announcement

One must enjoy the moment, one must also make the moment memorable by doing some joyful activities. The photo shoot is one of the best things to capture the moment. The couple can wear the t-shirt written with “I am to-be- mother” on the maternity clothes and “I am to-be father” on the father t-shirt. It is fun to do and also you will enjoy when people will read the lines written on your clothes and will congrats you.

If you already have a kid then; he/ she can help you in revealing about your pregnancy. Take a book whose front page says “How to be an elder sibling”, hand this book in your kid hands and ask him/her to pose and then capture that moment. It is quite interesting, that you 1st kid welcoming your second kid.


 It’s time to make pregnancy announcement to husband

pregnancy announcement

The”father to be” must get this good news in an unexpected and unique way. This is a very emotional moment for a father, the feeling of becoming father bring tears in eyes and smiles on the face.   It is a silent celebrating moment for the parent. Make your husband feel joyful with your pregnancy announcement in a unique way. Here we go with some ideas

  • Start playing a word puzzle

You have to be smart in playing it. You have to play it in such a way that at the end you form the word father. It is not possible to make a sentence in one game. So you have to play it until you form the word “you are going to be a father” or you can make the sentence saying “I am pregnant”.

  • Talk about the baby

Another way you can reveal about your pregnancy is start talking about having a baby with your husband. You must show your desire of becoming a mother and then also ask your husband about his feeling of becoming a father. You have to be a little clever and have to create a little bit of suspense in your conversation. After your husband speaks out just ask him “what if your dream come true”. This will give him the confirmation that you are pregnant.

  • Your shopping list can help you with this

pregnancy announcement

Include some foods that are beneficial for a mother during pregnancy on your shopping list. Hand over the list to your husband and say him to get all the things. After your husband checks the list, he will be surprised to get the news.

  • Decorate with kids stuff-

pregnancy announcement

Another way is to decorate your bedding room with a little bit of kid’s stuff so that when your husband enters the room he can get the idea about the coming member in the family. This method of doing pregnancy announcement will erase away all his stress of the day.


Pregnancy announcement idea for a grandparent

pregnancy announcement

Apart from parents, the grandparents of the kid are very overwhelmed by the coming of the extra member. For a grandparent it is a special feeling, they will see the 2nd next generation growing in front of their eyes. Also, the kid to a grandparent is like a toy for them. They can take care of the kid all day long without any hassles. Now you are aware of what is the meaning of grandchild in grandparent life. So make your pregnancy announcement in front of your parents in a creative way, it is better to share about pregnancy in a silent way. Here we go with some of the ideas:

  • Surprise them

pregnancy announcement

Lay in your bed whole day. let your parent be curious about your health, you must not speak a word and just do the actions like vomiting, headache, stomach pain etc, seeing this one will get the idea about what is happening. Your mother or mother in law will ask you about your pregnancy secretly. You just don’t speak a word and give a smile in return. This will bring a smile to her face. This is a way of silent sharing of secrets.

Another way is to sit with your parents and talk about the kid habits or about anything that is related to the kid. They will share with you their desire of getting a grandchild. You say to them that they will soon become grandparents. Or the best line to say to your parents is that “I will promote you from parents to grandparents soon”.

  • Avoid harmful foods

Avoid eating the food items that are harmful during pregnancy time. After your parents notice this then they will get a little idea about your pregnancy, and then the will ask you for confirmation.

Pregnancy announcement quotes

  • Let the happiness be on cloud nine, we will soon get a new life in the family.
  • Let’s rock in the family, after 9 months.
  • Be careful, I have my husband’s baby inside.
  • Quitting unhealthy food for 9 months.
  • Do not argue, I am on my pregnancy diet.
  • Let’s go shopping in advance for the baby.

Family reaction on hearing the pregnancy announcement

pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy announcement from a mother makes the entire family very joyful. When the period of nine months starts than, every member of the family starts taking your extra care. Now it is your time to take rest and enjoy the care that everyone gives to you. Your family member will start decorating the house with kids stuff. Everyone seems very excited about the upcoming baby. The time span of nine months is very tough for the family member, as the waiting process is too lengthy. This time is tougher for the mother as she has to take care of the silliest thing ever. After the family hears the pregnancy announcement they start to dream about the name of the kid, this is a very fun loving process.

It is a very special feeling for the mother

The origin of life starts with women, this is a blessing given by the God. Grandparents are overwhelmed and they give their entire time to the baby. They think about the bringing up of the kid, they are very emotional when it comes to their grandchild. Granny plays a major role in a kid’s life, the process of listening stories from grannies before going to sleep is a process through which granny transfer some lessons to the kid. The best thing is that the kid loves to spend major time enjoying with the granny.

Along with parent granny do care about the silliest things that disturb the kid. The coming of a new member brings happiness to each member of the family. The way you do your pregnancy announcement is also a special thing to do. A single woman can surprise the whole family at one time. So a mother-to-be must make this announcement in a special way, it is not something ordinary. One cannot let the celebration be boring. Parent must enjoy the time by capturing pictures with lots of babies stuff, this will be memorable and also the baby after his/her can see the excitement that his/her parent had at the time of his/her birth. To do a pregnancy announcement is a rocking moment for mother and a shocking moment for the rest.


  1. Becoming pregnant is the happiest moment in a woman’s life and also the most important one! There is a saying that a woman is not complete if she hasn’t gone through even one pregnancy in her whole lifetime. It is sure a lifetime experience but some woman takes no time to get pregnant while others keep trying to get pregnant.

  2. I’ve only been pregnant once, and I had twins, so I’m probably done. When I was expecting my littles I didn’t have social media and I didn’t do anything creative or daring to make the announcement.

  3. I love all these ideas for announcing the little bundle of joy! I gave my mom and in-laws a grandparents day card, they both loved the cards, my mom cried. Then we did a gender reveal party,

  4. There are some really great ideas here for a pregnancy announcement. I love the ideas of making a fuss over something so beautiful as pregnancy.

  5. There are some lovely ideas here. I think it’s a very special time when a partner is pregnant and communicating that should be special too. We kept all of our congrats cards and made a scrap book/photo album out of them


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