Why and when Pregnancy cravings occur in women?

pregnancy cravings

Pregnancy is one of the best times to enjoy all the favorite food that too in unlimited quantities. There are no women who can escape pregnancy cravings that are too extensive and will be at any time of the day. The only important thing women need to keep in mind is to take healthy cravings which will be good for both mom and baby. These pregnancy cravings will generally look out for pickles, ice cream, chocolates, spicy foods and much more. These food cravings start in the early months for most of the women, but it differs in some of them.  According to the researches, pregnancy cravings are seen near about 70% of women and there is no need to get tensed about it.

When do pregnancy cravings start?

pregnancy cravings

Pregnancy Cravings will start at early months that are the first trimester. This is also one of the first sign of pregnancy. In some of them, it will be starting from the 2nd or 3rd week and feel like eating something or even some particular food like chocolates or any other. These pregnancy cravings will go on the increase, but there will not stop till the end of the pregnancy. In the second trimester, they will be at the peak level compared to first and third trimesters. Craving for food will decrease and come to a constant level in the third trimester. In very few cases, these food cravings will continue for a few days even after delivery. These food cravings along with food aversions will start at the same time in most of the women during their pregnancy, but they are not linked with each other in any way.

What Researches tell you about pregnancy cravings

pregnancy cravings

According to researches, this pregnancy cravings will generally start after one week from the day they have conceived. This is also considered as one of the early sign of pregnancy that indicate in most of the women. As these cravings start increasing some women starts worrying, but there is no need to get tensed above these food cravings. There is no problem until and unless these cravings will ask to have something like dirt or mud or anything else which is not good. Apart from that, the general cravings during the pregnancy will be wanting to eat food like chocolates, ice creams, salty foods like chips and fresh fruits juices and much more.

One of the wondering things is that these food cravings that occur during pregnancy will soon disappear just after the birth of the baby. In some other rare cases, women will not experience any cravings for food during their pregnancy. Even the different type of cravings occurs during pregnancy will help in identifying the gender of the baby. The cravings for food will change from one pregnancy to other and they will not stick with the particular food in all the pregnancies. Though the cravings in the pregnancy start in the first trimester only, still the weeks or the months of these cravings will never be the same in all the pregnancies for one single woman.

Weird pregnancy cravings

pregnancy cravings

Pregnancy food cravings are most common, but these cravings will never be the same for all the women. Instead, these cravings will differ from one person to the other, but there will be some common cravings observed in all the women. The weird pregnancy cravings are not found in all the women but only in some of them, these are found. It can be for any reason but there will be a serious urge to eat the item they wish as soon as possible.  There will be no wonder if the pregnancy cravings are normal, but they can be called as weirdest pregnancy cravings if they are something different than usual.

Then food cravings will be fine and good if they are healthy, but something odd makes them the weirdest pregnancy carvings. Here is the list of some of the weirdest food cravings observed in the pregnant women.

  • Wishing to eat meatballs along with milk
  • Buttermilk combined with sardines
  • Juice of Banana with hot pepper
  • Chewing something like tissue paper
  • pickle and marshmallow fluff mix
  • Canned cake frosting on multi-grain bread combination
  • White rice with butter
  • Peanut butter, honey along with spicy beef
  • Pizza all the time

The common weird pregnancy carvings are as below:

pregnancy cravings
  • Pickle sandwiches
  • Undiluted lime juice
  • Hot chips dipped in yogurt
  • Sprinkling sugar or honey on every food
  • Salty chips dipped in chilly sauce or vinegar
  • Plenty of chocolate cakes
  • Sugar cane juice

Common pregnancy cravings

pregnancy cravings

Pregnancy cravings are common in the pregnant women and make them eat that only without liking the others. In some cravings will be for the allergic foods, that they generally do not eat before or after and get allergy easily. The desire for the food will be very deep along with the insatiable hunger that cannot be controlled. In case if this food is not taken at that time it makes vomiting sensation in some of the women. All these food cravings that occur at this time is in general due to some of the biological reasons.

The best thing is to keep track of the food is taken and if it is uncommon just consulting a doctor can be a good advice. Here are some of the common pregnancy cravings that are seen in the women.

  • Extreme desire to have Chocolate
  • Pickles are needed along with rice or chips
  • Eggs are the other typical craving item
  • Cheese is commonly craved directly
  • Lemons are crave-worthy food
  • A yen for ice cream craving in pregnancy
  • Getting out of control for the citrus fruits.
  • Unpleasant cravings for chilly peppers
  • Peanut butter is a good craving
  • Ice is another common craving
  • Craving for crunchy potato chips
  • Love for soft drinks
  • Craving for extra coffee than regular
  • Frequent craving for red meat
  • Huge craving for vinegar directly from the can.

Though all these are the common pregnancy cravings which are experienced by most of the women. Either one will be craving at a time but not more than one during the pregnancy. The healthy food cravings will make the women stay healthy and need to have enough good sleep at the same time.

What causes pregnancy craving?

pregnancy cravings

Pregnancy cravings are common, but for this desire, there are too many reasons behind it. The different combinations of food cravings will be very odd some time for others or when thinking about it in the future, but all these are not done wontedly.

There are some researches still going on for the urge of this food craving that is commonly observed in women only during the pregnancy time and never before after delivery. These food cravings are observed in near about 50 to 90 % of women all over the world and are not specified to any particular region.

Even the food cravings will be for different flavors of the same food also in some women. One of the reasons that are said by most of the doctors is that due to the fast changes in the hormones. It is also due to the changes that are occurring in the body.

The some of the popular reasons that are told for the causes of cravings during pregnancy are as below.

  • Baby’s indication to the mother

This means that through the type of food a mother is craving frequently. It can be quite easy to find out the gender of the baby inside the womb. Those who ever is having love towards sweet foods, milk products, and candies will give birth to a baby girl. Those who are eating a lot of spicy foods, sour fruits and salty will be bouncing a baby boy in their womb.

  • To control the overheat

One of the common reason said behind the eating of spicy foods, is that too much sweating will cool the body and reduce the overhead that is caused in the pregnancy.

  • Baby wishes to have a variety of food

The variety of food carving states that the baby inside the womb is happy with the healthy food. It means that the baby is good enough to have a variety of nutrients that they need.

  • Non-food items indication of nutrition deficiency

If the women are always craving for the non-food items that can be something like dirt, mud, chalks, paper, and others are the indication of nutrition deficiency. So, immediate care needs to be taken to have healthy food.

The well-known fact is that there will be many changes occurring in the hormones during the pregnancy. This is one of the major reasons for the food cravings and it is much high in the second trimester.

The above are some of the common reasons that cause cravings during pregnancy. Though whatever the reason can be, the most essential thing is to consume healthy food and anything should not overindulged.


Foods you should have during pregnancy cravings

pregnancy cravings


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