Pregnancy Pillow and Its Importance for a Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases in every woman’s life and a crucial time. In this period it is the responsibility of the mother to take care of herself as well as the baby inside the womb. Apart from time-to-time food, there are a lot of things to take care of the mom to be. One of the most important among them is to take care about their cute baby inside while sleeping. So, there comes the need of pregnancy pillow. These are specially designed for the pregnant women so that they can sleep happily without any worries about their cute bump.

What is the need for pregnancy pillows?

Pregnancy Pillow

One of the most important things is that a mother can sleep comfortably pregnancy body pillow. Apart from this, there are several other benefits which mark the importance of maternity pillows. Here are some of the popular benefits.

  1. Say bye to pains

Pregnant women face several types of body pains and aches as the months go on increasing. So it can be avoided by sleeping in a good position. This is possible with the help of pillows designed especially for mom to be.

  1. Better blood circulation

Blood circulation is a most important factor for pregnant women. Better blood flow is possible by sleeping on sides. Due to the growing belly, it might be uncomfortable to sleep without a pillow.

  1. Good relaxation

Maternity pillow makes it possible for the women to sleep for a long duration without any discomfort.


Types of pregnancy pillows

Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows are designed in various patterns, but all aim at providing comfort to the pregnant women. They are designed in such a way that most of them support either belly, hips or back. There are many pregnancy pillows among them some are popular. Here are some of the best pregnancy pillow.

  • U shaped pregnancy pillow

U shaped pregnancy pillow is for the one who wishes to sleep on their back. It is designed in such a way that it will completely wrap a person in it. It even goes well with those who wish to sleep on their side. The perfect time to use pregnancy pillow is in the second trimester because this is the time where belly starts increasing and will not be able to sleep comfortably. So to help those mom’s who prefer sleeping on back, U shaped pregnancy pillow is the perfect one. It is a total body pillow.

  • C shaped pregnancy pillow

C shaped pregnancy pillow is the yet another body pillow for pregnancy. It helps the pregnant women to drench themselves and wish to sleep in a riding position. This pillow supports complete body that is head, tummy, legs along with the back part so as to avoid all the pains and aches caused during pregnancy. Sleeping on this pillow is quite simple which goes by placing the head on the pillow and at the same time sliding the back into the curve that is designed in C shape.

  • Boppy pregnancy pillow

A boppy pregnancy pillow is another best one that helps the pregnant women to take rest happily by providing rest from tip to toe. It helps to get relieved from the neck, back, and body aches and works as a complete body resting pillow. One of the major advantages of this pillow is that whenever it becomes dust that can be cleaned by washing it.

  • Pregnancy wedge pillow

Pregnancy wedge pillow is one of the smallest types of pillows among the one which is available for maternity. It is designed particularly to support bump along with the lumbar portion. The major advantage of this pillow is that it can be carried around the house from one place to another. It is not just used for sleeping on the bed, but also sofa or just while watching TV or under the knees while taking rest. This is available in two types one is in triangular shape while the other is in round shape. It is quite simple to use that is it can either be placed underneath the tummy or just on the backside. Pregnancy wedge pillow will help in relieving the heartburn along with the reflux.

  • Leachco pregnancy pillow

Women feel like sleeping on the back especially in pregnancy due to the growing tummy. Most of the women find it difficult to sleep comfortably on their back. So as to solve this issue, leachco pregnancy pillows are designed especially for back sleepers only. This pillow will be best for both back sleepers as well as side sleepers. Sleeping on this pregnancy pillow makes one feel as if they are resting near a beach on the lounger.

  • Pharmedoc pregnancy pillow

A paramedic pregnancy pillow is one of the most used pregnancy pillows by women. This pillow helps a pregnant mom to rest comfortably along with their baby in the tummy. It is designed in such a way that it will support back, neck, hips, knees along with the head portion also. One of the ultimate body pillow for pregnancy. It helps in relieving all the body aches and can be preferred either in first or second or third trimesters as per the wish of the user.

  • Pregnancy pillow for the stomach sleepers

Sleeping on the stomach is common and is observed in most of the women. These people face a lot of inconvenience in their pregnancy as the months grow on increasing. To avoid all these types of problems and discomfort for the stomach sleepers, maternity pillows are designed specially. It will have a hole in the center of the pillow where the women need to place their bump and can sleep comfortably. They can be used only when required and can be folded when not in use. It is essential to fill the air in this pillow as per the requirement of their growing belly.

  • Memory foam pregnancy pillow

Memory foam pregnancy pillow is another great option for the pregnant women who wish to use one for various body parts. There is no one who wishes to sleep on the foam. If it is used on the back then it supports back part, if placed on the front side then supports bump while in between the legs then it helps to relieve from the pain caused by hips. One of the best pregnancy pillow that can be used from the second trimester.


How to sleep with a pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow is designed to serve the pregnant women, relieve the body pains. By providing comfort to have a good night sleep. As there are several types of pregnancy pillows available each have its own way of using and at the same time each design serves a different purpose. So, pregnancy support pillow needs to be chosen according to new needs as well as their sleeping position.


Pregnant women obviously get a doubt that from when can start using these pregnancy pillows. So, it can be said that there is no special time mentioned by any researches or doctors from when these can be used. Most of the women start using the pregnancy pillow from approximately 20 months. It can be used even before in case if the mom to be is suffering while changing the position or any aches or even uncomfortable. They can use the maternity pillows as soon as they think they are adding up their weight and losing good sleep at the night. As the weight increases, it’s quite difficult to move while sleeping in the night.


Are pregnancy pillows used only in pregnancy?

Pregnancy pillows though specially designed to provide comfort in these 9 months, there are some pillows that can even be used post-pregnancy period also. So that they can get relieved from all the body pains that are caused in this time.

Hence, pregnant women can afford one instead of thinking maternity pillows as unnecessary expenses.

What are the requirements that need to check before buying pregnancy pillows?

Pregnancy pillow cannot be purchased as per the wish of the pregnant women, but it is essential to choose according to the requirements. So there are some considerations that need to be checked while selecting a maternity pillow. Here are some of the common necessities which should not be forgotten while purchasing one pillow for mom to be.

  • One of the most important things to keep in mind is that pregnancy pillows need to be cleaned regularly and also washable.
  • The next important requirement is that should match the body type of the pregnant women without which it becomes mere waste.
  • Filling of the pregnancy pillow also plays a crucial role in the selection of the pillow, because each has its own set of qualities.
  • Pregnant women who are easily prone to allergies need to choose the hypoallergenic pillows as they help in staying away from all allergies.
  • Noise disturbs the good sleep so better to avoid those which make any noise while changing the position.
  • There are the chances that some of the pregnancy pillows will produce chemical smells which disturb while sleeping.

All the above are the important requirements one need to check while choosing a pregnancy pillow.



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