12 Most Noticeable Early Signs of Pregnancy you shouldn’t Ignore

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases of life, wherein women will find numerous changes that occur in her life through this stage. They are commonly known as the sings of pregnancy. It is also most important to take care of health at this stage. Every woman undergoes various changes in her body, they will find it little difficult but will withstand to all the problems. Only through signs of pregnancy, it will be quite easier to know for women that they are pregnant.

Signs of Pregnancy:

Signs of Pregnancy

In general, the sings of pregnancy will be observed in all the women, but only the time period differs from one woman to the other. Even the sings of pregnancy will be differing from one pregnancy to the other pregnancy in the same women. These signs will be starting from 5 weeks in some women, in some of them it will be around 6 weeks but 8 weeks is the appropriate time for these signs to appear in 90% of women.

1. Early signs of pregnancy

The earliest signs of pregnancy will be appearing in some of the women just after missing periods. In some, it can be after one or two weeks later the menstrual cycle is missed.

Here are some common first signs of pregnancy that are usually observed in the early pregnancy.

  • Spotting

Spotting or cramping is one of the early sign which can be observed in most of the women in the pregnancy. Generally, this is observed as one of the very early signs of pregnancy in the 1st week to the fourth week after conception. This can also indicate signs of one-month pregnancy.

  • Missed Menstrual Cycle (one of the major signs of pregnancy)

Missing the regular periods is one of the major sign that indicates pregnancy in women. It is observed in the fourth week after conception. Once periods are missed after 8 days a home test can be performed to detect the pregnancy.

  • Increase in temperature

The temperature of the body can be increased in some women, but not in all, it can be observed as signs of pregnancy at 4 weeks. To maintain perfect health without temperature drink plenty of water.

  • Fatigue

Fatigue is observed in most of the women during the fourth to the fifth week of pregnancy. So, it is essential to have perfect sleep these days. It becomes hard for a woman to look beautiful during these days.

  • Nausea

Nausea during pregnancy is another common symptom in most of the women. It can be observed in the fourth to sixth week after conception.

  • Changes in breasts

Women can observe changes occurring in their breasts in the weeks between 4 to 6, at this time they start developing mother milk.


Read below for more signs of pregnancy

Signs of Pregnancy


2. First signs of pregnancy

Signs of Pregnancy

The first signs of the pregnancy are most common and they will last till eight weeks after conception. These signs of pregnancy will be common in most of the women and can be observed in all the pregnancies. Though they might not go through all of them at least they will go through some of them. Here are the most common ones.

  • Vaginal Discharge

This will not be observed in all the women but in some of them. It occurs generally in the first few weeks only.

  • Sensitivity to smells

This is one of the common sign observed in all the women during their pregnancy, which is very difficult to control this situation. It is observed from the first few weeks and long lasts till the end of pregnancy.

  • Darkening of areola

One of the major change where the women get afraid in first pregnancy if they are not aware of it. The color around the nipple becomes very dark in the fifth or sixth week of pregnancy.

  • Frequent Urination is one of the major signs of pregnancy

The other common symptom undergone by most of the women in their pregnancy of 6th to 8th week is frequent urination. This is due to the changes in hormones that occur.

  • Constipation

Constipation is not observed in most of the women but some will undergo through this situation. Again this sign is the indication of hormonal changes in the body.

  • Food cravings are also one of the signs of pregnancy

Women undergo food craving during the pregnancy which starts from the 7th week and continues until the end. This is also the reason women tend to eat more chocolate during pregnancy.

The other common symptoms and signs of pregnancy are as below:

  • Mood changes
  • Sore Gums
  • High BP
  • Heartburn
  • Acne
  • Weight gain
  • Pregnancy Glow
  • A backache
  • Swollen feet
  • Shortness of breath

3. Missed Periods 

Missed periods is one of the major pregnancy symptoms. It lets the women know that they are pregnant and need to test to confirm. Once the conception is completed at the fourth-week women can observe that they have not gone through regular periods and missed it. If they missed it they can take a home test just after eight days after completion of the missing. So, that it can confirm if they are pregnant or not.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin will be produced as soon as implantation period is completed in the women. This is the most important hormone that works through the pregnancy to maintain it perfectly well. It also takes care by not allowing the ovaries to release the matured eggs every month until the end of pregnancy. So, as the eggs are not released the periods will be missing.

This is one of the signs of pregnancy to know that women are pregnant which is observed from years ago even before tests came into existence. However, a pregnancy test is necessary to confirm the missed periods. It is because all the times a missed period is not a sign of pregnancy, it can be due to many other reasons such as stress, illness or changes in lifestyle or any other.

4. Bleeding and Spotting

Pregnancy bleeding or spotting is also one of the signs of pregnancy, but still, it makes the women worry and raises many doubts in them. Spotting is generally observed after conception and in between 4 to 12 weeks. Even if there is bleeding it will be slightly in the level of flow than that compared with the menstrual bleeding flow. Spotting can be said as the color vaginal discharge, which is either pink or light in color.

Spotting is also popularly known as implantation bleeding and is observed in very fewer women that is approximately 20%. This implantation bleeding generally occurs only after the conception, it happens whenever the fertilized egg will try to burrow into the lining of uterine. This generally occurs only after ovulation and that too after completion of 10 to 14 days only.

It generally long lasts for a few hours to a single day in most of the women. If the spotting is in light color then there is no need to worry, but in case if it is bright red color then care to need to be taken. Though it might not always lead to a miscarriage, there are various other reasons for this kind of spotting in women during the pregnancy. The popular reasons for the bright red spotting are as below:

  • Issues in placenta
  • Molar pregnancy

The popular other reasons for the spotting during pregnancy are as follows:

  • Subchorionic Hemorrhage
  • STDs and Infections
  • Cervical Polyp or Fibroid
  • Ectopic Pregnancy

Some of the common symptoms that are observed during spotting in pregnancy are as follows:

  • Shoulder pain is observed
  • Pelvis will be paining
  • Pain in the abdominal muscles
  • The pressure in the rectal
  • Lower abdomen faces severe pain which will be very sharp
  • Lightheadedness is also observed
  • Even some women faint

Pregnancy Test

Signs of Pregnancy

Need to confirm pregnancy? Here is what to do next:

The pregnancy test is necessarily important even if the women observe all the early signs of pregnancy during the first few weeks. The test determines correctly whether a woman is pregnant or not and can be able to meet the doctor for taking necessary precautions along with medications which are required. Pregnancy test needs to do only after missing the period and that too after 8 to 12 days of completion otherwise it may lead to wrong results. It is because this is the time where HCG levels can be determined correctly in the urine and this hormone helps in identifying.

  • How to do a Pregnancy Test?

Carrying out a test for the first time will be little confusion, so here are some steps that help in performing the correct test.

  • First, buy an OTC pregnancy test kit that will be available in the stores.
  • Then urinate and collect it in a cup which is required for the purpose of testing.
  • Now take the testing stick and dip it in the urine to collect a few drops of urine.
  • Then slowly put the drops into the area that is given and put it in a horizontal position.
  • Then wait for 5 minutes before the test results appear in the test kit.
  • The observations will be provided in the instructions available with the test kit.

The best time to carry out the pregnancy test is in the early mornings as there will be low pH levels in the urine.

In the above-mentioned pregnancy test need to be carried out at the same time observe the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Then meet a Gynaecologist to go for medication and further process.



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