Terrible Twos | How Difficult is to handle a two year baby?

Terrible twos

A baby when takes birth will slowly grow to an adult. In the meantime from an infant to a toddler will be one of the major change in their life. Terrible twos are nothing but the age of the two years child. This is the time when they turn from an infant to toddler.

There will be a lot of changes during this age. It includes lots of naughtiness that cannot be controlled at times. A stubborn behavior can be seen in all children during this age. They always try to imitate as their parents do any work or anything else.

It can be said that this is one of the crucial stages in everyone’s life which need to be controlled.

What are the terrible twos?

Terrible twos

Terrible twos are the age of the child turning to the infant, the word terrible twos itself is indicating that nothing is normal but quite different.

In this age, they entirely show up different behavior, such as saying ‘no’ to everything and start he works like hitting, kicking others, biting and some toddles even start not listening to the words of the elders.

This stage starts just after completing 18 months and goes on until the child turns to 4 years. The terrible two is observed in every child. The main reason behind is that this is the age where the developmental milestones are started.

They start talking in sentences instead of single words. They will be able to understand the words like ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘yes’, ‘no’ and speak accordingly when needed. This is the stage where they will be able to walk, run, jump and climb. Instead of staying calm they will be doing some mischief work all the time unless they are tired and sleep.

The age of terrible twos is all about learning and communicating where they are able to understand. In this age, their behavior will be running around the concepts like testing their boundaries at the same time asserting about their independence.

They also learn how to communicate their needs to their parents or one who look after them. They even slowly started saying their desires like what they wish to eat, wear or play and will interrupt if they do not like. The terrible twos need to be handled with care because it is one of the important developmental stages.

When do terrible twos start?

Terrible twos as the name indicate this will be continuing throughout their second year. In some children this will be starting as early as they complete their first birthday, this happens only in some rare cases but not in most of the children.

The most common age where the toddlers start showing different behavior is at the age of 18 months that is 1 year and 6 months.

The toddlers continue to learn a lot of things and their brain starts communicating through their words from 18 months until they are 3 years of age.

So as it completely covers the age of two years where the child behaves differently than as the infants, that is the reason it is named as the terrible twos. Hence dealing with terrible twos in a smooth manner is utmost important for their future.

Signs of terrible twos

All the kids do not behave in a similar way, hence the behavior will be different from one kid to the other one.

However, there will be some commonly seen and observed terrible twos symptoms, that will help in tracing out that the child is undergoing through the terrible twos stage.

Here is the list of some common terrible two signs that are seen most popularly.


  • Frustration

Terrible twos

Frustration is one of the common symptoms that is observed in most of the kids two years ago. It is because they desire but cannot communicate it clearly to their parents or caretakers. This frustrates them very much and sometimes unnecessarily they break down into tears. So its utmost important for the elders to take care of them and try to understand them as well as their need without frustrating them.

  • Tantrums

Terrible twos

Serious tantrums such as crying or wailing or even lying down on floors throwing themselves are some of the common terrible two symptoms. There is no need to react to this tantrum instead tell yourself that these are the part of the developmental stage.

  • Kicking

The other most common signs that are observed in the kids of two years age are they start pinching, kicking, biting or even hitting. They will not be able to express clearly that what they need their feelings. Therefore this need to be handled with care as they are the part of the developmental phase.

  • ‘No’ the easiest word

Toddlers always tend to say the word ‘No’ because it is one of the ways that they employ to test and know about their boundaries as well as the limitations.

Above mentioned are some of the common symptoms observed in the toddlers of the age group for two years.

How to deal with terrible twos?

Dealing with terrible twos seems to be quite difficult. It is because their emotions will not be in their control and completely act according to their mind. Though it is difficult, it is not impossible to deal with them. All that is required is the patience while being with them. In order to make the things go smoothly following are some of the suggestions that are essential to be followed.

  • Sleep is important

Terrible twos

The most irritable moment for the kids will be when they are about to feel sleepy, so at that time making them sleep is important than any other things. In the case, at this time if they are taken out then will definitely behave naughtily and go on crying.

  • Food should be on time

It is utmost important to follow a schedule regarding their food otherwise it may lead to a serious environment. Even when traveling outside its important to carry some healthy snacks so that whenever they are hungry need to give them.

  • Teach behaving

It is necessary to teach them behaving properly in stores or outside by using some tricks such as giving them chocolates if they are good and others.

  • Be calm

Terrible twos

Whenever a child is angry regarding some item, it is necessary to be firm and not giving it. This behaving is necessary because it becomes a habit for them.

  • Make busy

Take care that not to make them feel bore, instead involve them in some of the other activities that are quite interesting and knowledgeable.

  • Be patient

In case if a child shows tantrum then ignore it at home, but respond to it in public by being patient.

  • Be strong

If a child is either hitting or biting then go down to their level and make them understand that it is not a good habit. It should be done through the actions instead of a long lecture.

  • Taking out

One of the best idea to teach them is taking them outside for playing or walking so that it will make the mind to calm down for both of them. At the same time, even toddler can learn how to behave in public places.

  • Privileges

Taking away with privileges also works definitely well, in case if they are not behaving properly.

  • Distract the tantrum

Whenever toddlers are angry then distract them from that mood and it definitely works well.

So, parents need not worry anymore on how to deal with terrible twos. Instead, they need to follow some of the tricks that will help them.

How long do terrible twos last?

Parents will be eager to know at what stage does the behavior of the terrible two comes to an end. Though this will start at the age of 18 months to 2 years. There is no specific age at which this behavior will stop.

However, it entirely depends upon how a parent or caregiver teaches the toddler in the way they can understand. It also depends upon how well they are able to communicate and show their interests to the parents.

So waiting till then is only the best answer to the question regarding the terrible twos behavior time. Parents need to follow all the possible tips provided by the experts to make them come out the situation.

Hence it can be said that it entirely depends upon the way how the parents teach them and mold them as a good child with a good behavior.

Terrible twos behavior can be concluded as a developmental phase. Parents need not worry anymore, but be patient and teach them. Once they start communicating the situation changes and everything goes well as they start saying their desires.

They stop showing tantrums as soon as they start saying about their desires and needs. So parents need to wait till then and make them communicating well with good behavior.


  1. I didn’t have terrible twos for any of my children, it’s really weird. I think they had a rough time at age 6, and then my youngest who is now 10 seems to be giving a hard time. IT’s so weird, I was expecting the terrible two’s 😉

  2. In my time that my child turning to that age its so easy to me cos i know much better they are cos im the one who held all of things cos i love being a mom.

  3. It’s funny. I never really had to deal with the terrible twos with my daughter. Certainly, she was adventurous and did things we told her not to do. Or did things I think she realized were wrong before we even caught her doing them. But the frustration and anger weren’t there, which I was greatly appreciative of.

  4. Two year-old are soi much fun! they have so much temper and they are the funniest to talk to. This age must be hard to live through day by day it’s the age when most of funny stories are gathered

  5. What a brilliant post that will help lots of young mums. Amazingly, despite having 4 kids, not a single one of my children went through the dreaded terrible twos. We’ve never had a meltdown, public or otherwise, and we have the world’s most amazing teenagers now! No idea how all that happened!

  6. Tear two can definitely be a struggle but it’s so amazing too. There are some really great memories and milestones reached during this year ☺️

  7. Argghhh! But it seems my five year old hasn’t outgrown her toddler stage. While her language skills have developed earlier than most, she is so passionate and can get into tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants. It can get really frustrating at times, 🙁

  8. What a wonderful post for new and expectant mothers. I always disliked the expression “terrible twos” as I can’t find anything terrible about a child. Should be a more positive expression like “tiresome twos.” LOL

  9. I was told by a father friend of mines that toddlers also start feeling the actual detachment with the mum, that they had been one-single-thing with since their birth and that this can cause a big psychological distress. So that’s why in this period, even if the most immediate mum’s reactions for their behavior can be scolding them, they should be more inclined to talk, listen, kneeling to be at their physical level at all interactions. So, the detachment will be less traumatic for their future.


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