A toothache during Pregnancy Third Trimester

toothache during pregnancytoothache during pregnancy

A toothache during pregnancy is one of the miserable conditions wherein the person suffers lots of pain. Pregnancy is one of the most important periods in every women life, and this is the time where they face lots of health-related issues.

One among them is a toothache, which creates lots of trouble while eating or will not allow eating all the foods. These dental problems are seen in most of the pregnant women and are one of the miserable condition.

It is observed that more than 50% of women will suffer from dental problems during their pregnancy. These dental issues can arise at any time that is either in 1st or 2nd or 3rd trimesters. There is no specific time for it but will irritate at any point in time when they occur.

Why does a toothache occur in the third trimester?

Toothaches or dental problems are common during pregnancy and almost all the women undergo through this only some lucky women can escape from it.

One of the main reasons behind a toothache during pregnancy is the hormonal changes that occur in these 9 months and which alters the body routine.

These hormonal changes, in turn, make the gums in the mouth sensitive to anything which in turn causes swelling of the mouth and many other dental problems. In some people, even the simple works like brushing the teeth or googling also causes pain thereby causing bleeding from the gums.

Here are some of the most common and popular reasons that result in a toothache during pregnancy

That is as follows:

Morning sickness

One of the popular and simple reasons that a toothache during pregnancy happens is most of the women suffer from the morning sickness that is coming in the early mornings. These coatings create tooth pain as the acids in the stomach flow through the mouth and the tooth. This, in turn, causes both the tooth pain as well as a tooth cavity.

Oral Hygiene issues

toothache during pregnancy

one of the important reason for a toothache during Pregnancy

Pregnancy makes some women weak and they are very much less about themselves during this time. They also skip their brushing most of the times and this results in the oral hygiene issues thereby causing the toothaches during pregnancy third trimester.


Gingivitis is also one of the popular reasons for tooth pain in pregnant women. It is the result of hormonal changes which will cause the teeth more sensitive to bacterial attack and that leads to the swollen gums or redness or tender gums.

Low levels of calcium

One of the most common reasons for a toothache in pregnant women is the low levels of calcium in their bodies. These women need to take an extra calcium supplement to their bodies because the calcium levels present in the body are in taken by fetus for the bone formation in their bodies. In case if the pregnant ladies are lacking in the calcium levels then they will have to suffer from enamel demineralization as well as tooth decay in the third trimester of the pregnancy.

Home remedies to treat a toothache in Pregnancy

Toothaches are common in pregnancy due to several reasons as mentioned above, can disturb the healthy eating habits too which are most important during this stage. However, medication is not preferred during the pregnancy as it may lead to some other problems. So to get some instant relief from these tooth pains and have a happy smile on the face it is necessary to follow some remedies. Home remedies will not have any side effects and at the same time, they help in solving the issue to some extent by relieving immediately. Here are some of the most popular home remedies to treat a toothache during pregnancy.

Consume a cup of milk

toothache during pregnancy

Drinking a cup of warm milk during the bleeding of gums by pregnant ladies can solve the issue of a toothache. However, milk is the high content of calcium levels that will help in the development of bones and also solve all the dental related problems. So it is better to have a cup of milk by pregnant women even though they suffer from a toothache or not.


Cloves are one of the best kitchen ingredients that help in getting relief from a toothache. It is because cloves are the rich sources of the natural antiseptic that help in avoiding any bacterial infections in the mouth. Pregnant ladies can chew one clove or else even dip a cotton ball in clove oil and apply it near the painful area so that immediate relief is observed from this action.


Turmeric is one of the most important antibiotic ingredients that are available in the kitchen, which helps in treating all the problems. So, it can easily cure a toothache during pregnancy. In the same way, even for the toothaches during the pregnancy can be treated using turmeric powder by consuming it in milk or else making it a smooth paste and applying it on the painful area.


Pomegranate is a fruit which is rich in anti-bacterial properties that help in keeping the bacteria in mouth away and kill the plaque that is residing. So rinsing the mouth with a cup of pomegranate juice will work better than any other artificial mouthwashes and will fight against the plaque on the teeth.

Baking soda

toothache during pregnancy

Baking soda is one of the important ingredients in the kitchen that also work against toothache and instantly get relieved from all the gum related problems. One of the best ways to use it makes the brush wet and apply powder then brush with it just after the meals and it works perfectly well to solve the issue at a faster rate. Baking soda can cure a toothache during pregnancy.

Neem leaves

toothache during pregnancy

Neem leaves are the rich sources of anti-inflammatory properties, which make them fight again bleeding gums as well as the bacterial infections. The age-old remedy is that chewing one or two neem leaves by pregnant women help them to keep a toothache during pregnancy at a far distance.

All the above are some of the wonderful home remedies that help the pregnant women to get relieved from the toothaches immediately and have a cute smile on their face. Apart from this, there are many other remedies too, but these are some of the popular and most used by pregnant women from olden days.

Is it safe to go with dental treatments during a toothache during Pregnancy?

Dental treatments do not cause any harm for the pregnant ladies, but it is essential to take the treatment only if the problem is too severe. However, in the third trimester opting for the dental treatments to get relieved from the tooth pains is only the best option. It is essential to inform the dentists beforehand about the pregnancy so that they treat according to that and do not give any powerful medications which will harm the fetus. So, there is no need to worry and pregnant women can happily reach dentists for the toothaches at any point in time.

Preventive steps for toothaches during pregnancy

Pregnant women need to follow some necessary steps so that they can be away from all types of toothaches during their pregnancy. Here are some of the important steps to take care of by every pregnant woman.

  • Brushing is necessary and it is essential to brush properly twice daily.
  • Toothpaste needs to contain fluoride in it because that will help in fighting against all the tooth decays.
  • Control on sweet foods is necessary because it leads to the breeding of germs on the tooth.
  • One of the best ideas is to chew gum after the meals as it will help in improvising the oral cavities.
  • Healthy food is also most important to maintain the stronger teeth that is free from all the tooth decays.
  • Using a string of dental floss is important because it can reach all the places and fight against all the germs that are hidden between the teeth and gums.

Toothache effects on the fetus

Pregnant mothers who are suffering from the toothaches need to take care of the necessary steps or reach the dentist to solve the issue. The bacteria from the decayed teeth of the mother will have adverse effects on the babies and in some cases there are the chances that even babies will suffer from the tooth decays in the future. So, to get rid of this condition it is essential for the moms to reach dentists and take necessary care against it.

The only important thing that pregnant women need to keep in mind is to brush the teeth daily without fail even if they are suffering from morning sickness. So to have a cute smile on mom and baby face it is essential to follow all the necessary tips and regular dental checkups can prevent the situation. Taking care of these things will definitely prevent and help in having a big megawatt smile on the face even in the pregnancy.


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