Understanding & Using a Birth Control Patch


Conception prevention techniques have advanced over the ages to increment in viability and accommodation. The contraception fix is yet another sort of anti-conception medication technique that can counteract undesirable pregnancy.

What is a Birth Control fix?

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A contraception fix (or Ortho Evra or Evra fix) is a fix which can be adhered to your body to help in anticipating pregnancy.

The Ortho Evra anti-conception medication fix has been as of late supplanted by a Xulane fix because of an adjustment in the assembling organization.

If it’s not too much trouble take note of that there are other contraception techniques likewise accessible like vaginal fixes and anti-conception medication pills. In the event that you are searching for a viable anti-conception medication alternative, it is prudent to address your specialist who will endorse the contraception fix which is most appropriate for you.

How Does the Patch Work?

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In case you’re puzzled on how the prophylactic fix functions, here’s the appropriate response. This anti-conception medication preventative fix works by discharging hormones (estrogen and progestogen) like other anti-conception medication strategies and avoiding pregnancy. The hormones are ingested through the skin. The fix stops ovulation and thickens the bodily fluid in the cervix. The thick bodily fluid makes it troublesome for the sperm to achieve the egg.

When you are utilizing the fix, you won’t have the capacity to perceive any adjustment in it, or feel it working. In any case, rest guaranteed that it is persistently discharging the hormones estrogen and progestin into your blood. To keep it working adequately, you have to change the fix every week for three weeks. You likewise need to make sure to begin the following cycle of patches after the fourth fix free week.

How to Use a Birth Control Patch?

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To utilize a contraception fix, you have to first choose where to put the anti-conception medication fix on your body. The fix can be stuck on perfect, dry skin, similar to the external arm, stomach or back.

You should peel half of the plastic liner and abstain from contacting the sticky side of the fix. The sticky side ought to be connected to the body part which you have picked, and afterward the liner should be peeled off. This entireties up how to apply anti-conception medication fix effortlessly without anyone else.

Guarantee the region of skin you pick is spotless and dry. The fix ought not be connected if there is any skin bothering.

At the point when Can You Use it?

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This fix ought to be connected on the skin once in seven days for three weeks. It ought to be expelled in the fourth week, which is the point at which you have your period. Following seven fix free days, you can apply another one.

It is critical to apply the new fix toward the finish of the fix free week, else it expands the danger of pregnancy. You may in any case be draining or spotting when you put on the new fix, which is ordinary. In the event that you need to avoid your periods then you may skirt the fix free week and begin another long stretch of patches.

You may begin utilizing the fix any day in the month. In any case, the viability relies upon when you begin utilizing the fix, consequently at first you may utilize a reinforcement conception prevention technique. On the off chance that you begin utilizing the fix inside the initial 5 long periods of your periods, at that point it begins working immediately and you won’t have to utilize a reinforcement anti-conception medication strategy. You can begin utilizing the fix any day of the cycle.

You should put on another fix around the same time every week. The fix ought to be checked to ensure that it is set up.

How Effective is the Birth Control Patch?

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In the event that the fix is connected accurately for the three weeks, it can be increasingly the 99% successful in forestalling pregnancy. The adequacy of the contraception fix relies on the right use of the fix which permits the arrival of the hormones in the body in the right way.

  • According to insights by Planned Parenthood:
  • Under 1 lady out of a 100 have the shot of getting pregnant if the fix is utilized according to the bearings.
  • Around 9 ladies out of 100 will get pregnant if the fix isn’t utilized according to headings.
  • This anti-conception medication strategy is less viable for overweight ladies and for the individuals who are taking other drug or supplements. You ought to counsel your specialist about the solutions to check whether they will influence the fix. The fix does not secure against sexually transmitted contaminations so a condom ought to be utilized to lessen the danger of such diseases.

What Can Be the Side Effects of the Birth Control Patch?

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Ortho Evra is a preventative fix which is a mix of female hormones that avoid ovulation. Some symptoms of the prophylactic fix are:

  • Queasiness
  • Vaginal draining or thickening
  • Spewing
  • Cerebral pain
  • Disturbance on the skin where the fix has been connected
  • Tipsiness
  • Bosoms may wind up delicate, extend or swell
  • Release from the areolas
  • Aggravation or tingling in the vagina
  • Expanded vaginal release
  • Missed or sporadic periods
  • Skin break out
  • Serious stomach hurt
  • Swelling
  • Obscuring of facial skin
  • Increment in hair development
  • Loss of hair on the scalp
  • Changes in weight or craving
  • Lessened sex drive

If it’s not too much trouble take note of that reactions are uncommon, and not all ladies encounter them. You ought to counsel your specialist on the off chance that you locate any genuine symptoms like:

  • Bosom irregularity
  • Emotional episodes
  • Serious stomach torment
  • Dim hued pee
  • Yellowing eyes or skin
  • Ladies Who Shouldn’t Use the Patch

Albeit most ladies can utilize the fix, there are a few dangers related with this type of contraception. These dangers are uncommon and are generally caused by other medicinal conditions or solutions that you might take.

Ladies ought not utilize this fix if:

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  • You have hypertension, diabetes, are overweight or have elevated cholesterol
  • On the off chance that you smoke (the danger of blood clusters and stroke is expanded)
  • Ortho Evra ought not be utilized on the off chance that you are over 35 years of age
  • On the off chance that you are pregnant, you should quit utilizing the anti-conception medication fix
  • You have missed two menstrual periods consecutive
  • You have as of late conveyed an infant (it’s best to sit tight for a month prior to utilizing the anti-conception medication fix)
  • There is strange vaginal seeping for which you have not counseled the specialist
  • There is a background marked by stroke or assault
  • You have heart issues that reason blood in the heart to clump, for example, uncontrolled valve issue, or a musicality issue
  • You have an acquired blood-thickening issue
  • You have issues with your eyes or kidneys
  • You have history of hormone-related growth
  • Experience the ill effects of serious headaches

Contrasting Advantages

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There are a great deal of contraception choices accessible today. Be that as it may, while assessing the correct alternative for you, you ought to consider a couple of things like –

  • Do you need a choice with low upkeep or one that is long haul?
  • What are the wellbeing dangers joined to the anti-conception medication alternative?
  • Aces of Using a Birth Control Patch
  • The fix is to a great degree low support, helpful, protected and moderate
  • The fix contains an indistinguishable hormones from the anti-conception medication pills which are estrogen and progestin. The main distinction is that the fix should be connected once per week and the pill must be taken each day.
  • An anti-conception medication fix will convey an unfaltering dosage of hormones into your body, so it works like the anti-conception medication pill
  • Hormone levels don’t change if there is a constant flow of hormones being discharged into the body
  • The anti-conception medication fix is a solid pregnancy security for ladies
  • Cons of Using a Birth Control Patch
  • Since the fix is adhered to your body, quite possibly it might tumble off. You can reapply a similar one or another one instantly
  • There are some symptoms of the fix (however uncommon). Since the fix accompanies an expanded dose of hormones contrasted with the pill, the symptoms might be more extraordinary than with the conception prevention pill
  • The kind of progestin may expand the danger of blood clusters and heart assault more than expected. According to reports, the hazard could be up to 60% higher. In general, be that as it may, the shot of having even one of these genuine symptoms is still low
  • The anti-conception medication fix causes skin bothering
  • Does Birth Control Patch Protect Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)?
  • The conception prevention fix does not ensure you against sexually transmitted ailments. Any couple who is engaging in sexual relations must utilize a condom (male or female) nearby the fix for security against STDs. The best piece of utilizing a condom is that they additionally avoid pregnancy, so it resembles utilizing two techniques for conception prevention.

Imagine a scenario where I Decided to Get Pregnant. What Should I Do?

In the event that you choose to get pregnant, at that point you need to simply quit utilizing the conception prevention fix. The ripeness returns when the fix is evacuated, ordinarily inside half a month. Sometimes, however, it might accept a couple of months too.

In the wake of ending with the conception prevention fix, you may begin utilizing a condom. It is fitting to sit tight for one menstrual cycle before you begin attempting to imagine.

It is essential that you counsel your specialist before you begin attempting.

You ought to likewise have some measurement of folic corrosive (400 mg) consistently, no less than multi month ahead of time, before you begin attempting.

What happens in the event that I neglect to change the fix?

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The fix when utilized accurately is a profoundly compelling strategy for contraception. Be that as it may, its viability can go down in the event that you neglect to utilize it appropriately.

Following are a couple of rules to help you in the event that you neglect to apply your fix (contingent upon which week in your cycle you are in):

Week 1, First Patch – If you have neglected to apply the fix on your booked begin day, at that point you should stick on the new fix when you recall. This day at that point turns into your change day for consistently. Keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from pregnancy, utilize a back-up conception prevention technique for seven days.

Weeks 2 or 3, Second or Third Patch – Since there are two long stretches of proceeded with arrival of hormones, there is a multi day window to change the fix toward the beginning of week 2 or 3. On the off chance that you have left the fix on for up to two days all the more, at that point you can apply the new fix right now. There is no prerequisite of changing the fix change day or extra contraception. In the event that you have neglected to swap the fix for more than


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