Unusual And Surprising Baby Names

Nowadays, most of the parents love to have a unique name to their babies. At the same time, they don’t want to have the name for their babies those the name of other babies has. When it comes to naming their babies, they take an idea from wide sources like films, books, and family generations and so on. For the sweet parents, here is the list of some unusual and surprising baby names with their meanings. Kindly go through it and select the one for your little baby.

1. Acquila
Acquila is the Latin word and the meaning of the name is “eagle”. In other word, Acquila is said to be “constellation”. This is the Roman name which is used in the 19 th century. If you want to make your baby as strong as Eagle, then you can use this name.

2. Roger
Roger was a common name in England. This name has gained more popularity in the 18 th
century. The meaning of this name was a famous spear. In this year 1953, Roger has got the most popular name of the year.

Unusual And Surprising Baby Name

3. Colleen
Colleen is a girl baby name which will be elegant. It is a classic name and derived from the Irish word. This name was used in North America in the 20 th century. In the year 1964, most of the girls were named Colleen. The name has gained huge popularity significantly. It is a famous girl baby name.

4. Kasey

Kasey is the unisex name so commonly used for the boy as well as a girl. In the last few years, this name has been used. In the year 1992, this name has gained more popularity. More than 1000 people were given this name. The meaning of the name is a thorny tree. In Ireland, this name was used for centuries.

5. Tara
Tara is a girl baby name. The meaning of the name is a star in Sanskrit. Still, it is popular and famous in Ireland. You can keep this name for your beautiful girl baby. Tara is one of the topmost and popular baby names for more than 10 years.

6. Deanna
Deanna is considered a female name. This name was popularized by Canadian Singer as well as an actress. It will be a gorgeous and beautiful name for your baby.

Unusual And Surprising Baby Name E

7. Belinda
Belinda name has gained huge popularity in the ’50s and 60’s century. The meaning of the name is serpent or snake in German. It will be a lovely name for your baby.

8. Janice
Janice is a modern name. The name means God is gracious. This name has gained a huge
reputation among many people. It is considered to be one of the unusual and surprising baby names in the top list.

9. Ricky
Ricky derived from the name Richard. It is a boy name. It means strong power. It is considered to be the top name in America. More than 5000 people were given this name. Ricky will be a modern and trendy name for your baby.

10. Elspeth
Elspeth is a baby girl name. It is originated from the Scottish version. The term Elspeth refers to the name called Elizabeth. The meaning of this name is “Chosen by God”. It is also meant to be “Consecrated by God”.

Unusual And Surprising Baby Name F

11. Fawn
Fawn is a girl baby name actually its an English name. The meaning behind this name is young deer. According to Greek mythology, the idol of fertility and nature meant to be Fauna. This name means popular for chastity.

12. Rowan

Rowan is a famous name at present. It is used for both boy and girl babies. Thus be it is a baby girl or baby boy it suits well.

13. Jacinta
Jacinta is the name for baby girl. It is derived from the Spanish language. The term Jacinta
means hyacinth. The meaning behind the name Jacinta is a botanical name.

14. Drake
It is an English baby boy name. it means Dragon it sounds terrific but not actually. Not all the names that you choose will give the same and exact meaning, in such way name “Drake” means to be warm and fuzzy. It suits well for a baby boy and it is apart from a common name.

15. Talbot
Talbot means deleting bad messages. This name is actually derived from the Irish family who actually gave this name to the bloodhound. The meaning for this name is the same in Fresh language as well

16. Bennett
Bennett is a baby boy name the English meaning for this name is blessed. Also, it implies to the medieval term means as Benedict. Alongside Bennett is a popular surname. You know there are so many celebs, who have Bennett as their surname.

Unusual And Surprising Baby Name G

17. Merlin
Merlin is a perfect baby boy name. the person who has this name will have two different
personalities. It actually meant to be grave and powerful. It also has some other meaning as well that little wild and eccentric.

18. Craig:
If you are looking for a name for your baby boy in the traditional way then Craig is the best
name. The meaning of this name is a large rock or dwells at the large rock. It is actually
originated from the Gaelic.

19. Donte
Donte is a kind of baby boy name that will make you wow. It sounds like a little bit of Italian Dante. It refers to the actual meaning “Steadfast”.

20. Teo

Teo is actually the stylish name. the original spelling of this name is Theo. In order to make it more style and exotic, it is termed as Teo. You can offer this name to either boy or girl.

Unusual And Surprising Baby Name B

21. Murphy
Murphy is the famous character in the TV show actually it is not telecasting right now. However to rise up their baby girl like that strong character most of the parents are offering Murphy name. it is the most popular name as well.
These are the unusual and surprising baby names that you can give to your babies. Even more, names are also available to discover.


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