Welcome to the 2 weeks of pregnancy

Your doctor starts counting your pregnancy from the first day of your last period. That means during the second week pregnancy, you wont really be pregnant at all. Your baby getting ready before the conception. During these days, you many changes occur in your body and that are essential for healthy pregnancy. During your second week of pregnancy, you have already had your last period before pregnancy and your body ovulation time during pregnancy. End of the second week, the egg leaves the follicle and enters the fallopian tube. The body comes to ovulation period and this is right time for conception.Exactly what’s happening during the second week of pregnancy.

Your Baby at week 2 of Pregnancy

2 weeks of pregnancy
In the second week of pregnancy, also there is no embryo. The body has been preparing from first day of pregnancy. When it shed its old uterine lining and expelled last months unfertilized egg. As the second week of pregnancy progress. You should track your cycle and it is a good idea likely to conceive.

How big is your baby at 2 weeks pregnant?

2 weeks of pregnancy
You due date will be calculated from the first day of yours last menstrual period. Conception occurs about the two weeks from its day, and that’s when you are truly considered pregnant. Just 40 short weeks, your baby will grow from the size of a baby. So far, your baby exit, and the second week also a ovulation period. Your ovary releases a egg to your fallopian tube. It will await the sperm that survived the 6-8inch trek through your cervix and uterus. The 70 to 900 million sperm embark on this journey and one of the lucky swimmers will have the honor of the penetrating at the moment of conception.
Week 2 Ultrasound
In this second week also, there is no image in ultrasound. Your health care provider counts these two weeks toward your due date. Now you are taking ultrasound not important. if you feel some trouble changes in your body and immediately go and take the ultrasound. The ultrasound, which may provide a more accurate due date.

2 Week Pregnant Symptoms

2 weeks of pregnancy 2
If you have got a regular 28-day cycle, change is you ovulate on day 15. At the 2-week pregnant, symptoms of ovulation can clue you in on the best time to have sex and hopefully conceive a baby. If you notice these signs at week 2 of pregnancy:
 Egg White cervical mucus
 Better sense of smell
 Breast soreness or tenderness
 Pelvic ache.
 Light Spotting.

 Increased sex drive.
 Cervical changes.

Fetal Development in Pregnancy Week 1

2 weeks of pregnancy 3
Some hormonal changes are already preparing your body of conception. That hormones are include estrogen, follicle stimulation hormone, and luteinizing hormone. These hormones work together to make sure egg. You will probably conceive around the end of your second week of pregnancy. The chromosomes in each cell combine immediately after a sperm fertilizes the egg, resulting in your baby’s genes. In the first day of pregnancy, your baby gender and genetic feature will be determined.
In the even of identical twins, one sperm fertilizes one egg, which then divides and gives life to two organisms. The result you get two identical children of same sex.
In case of non-identical twins, two sperm fertilize two eggs, and the resulting babies can be of the same or different sex. The babies may be resembling each other.
The fertilized egg will start dividing into multiple cells and passes down toward the fallopian tube within 24 hours of conception.
Sex at week 2 of pregnancy
Once you are familiar with your menstrual cycle, try to have sex on the days leading up to your ovulation. The egg lives for 12 to 24 hours, having sex before you ovulate will give the sperm to better chance to swing up your fallopian tubes while the egg is still viable. The sperm can live upto 6 days in your reproductive system. In the second week you have regular sex to form your baby.

Do’s and Don’t in Pregnancy.

2 weeks of pregnancy 3
 Do take folic acid and vitamin D
 Do stay active
 Do think about what you eat.
 Do monitor your baby’s movements
 Do go to sleep on your side in the third trimester.
 Do consider taking the vaccination that are offered by doctor.
 Do carry your pregnancy notes.
 Do be aware of these symptoms such as, bleeding from the vagina, painful urination,
sudden, sharp or continuing abdominal pain, persistent or server headache, swelling in
face or hands or legs, blurred vision, spots in front of eyes, itching, especially on hands,
smelly vaginal discharge.

2 weeks of pregnancy 4
 Don’t eat extra calories
 Don’t smoke

 Don’t drink alcohol
 Don’t eat raw meat
 Don’t eat deli meat
 Don’t eat unpasteurized milk products
 Don’t eat a lot of caffeine
 Don’t take drugs
 Don’t go diving or playing

Week 1 pregnant lifestyle

2 weeks of pregnancy 4
Serious young woman drinking glass of milk in the kitchen at home

There are many lifestyles changes you can adopt to improve your chances of getting pregnant. Some of its below.
 Take healthier diet such as leafy greens, mercury-free fish, seeds and nuts, fruits and
plenty of water are helping to prepare you baby well.
 Avoid some substances, that are alcohol, tobacco, excessive caffeine, simple, carbs etc.
 Some of the pregnancy exercise is a great boost to reach a healthy weight before a baby.
 Sleep can have more trouble getting pregnant. We should get good sleep.
 Most important to check ovulation time during the pregnancy.

Question asked during pregnancy

2 weeks of pregnancy 5
Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?
For the regular healthy women who are having a low risk pregnancy, the exercise also
recommended. The women must do the moderate aerobic exercise for 150 minutes in every week. Stay active during the pregnancy has some benefits, that exercise will help to reduce your back pain, ease constipation, and may lower risk of gestational diabetes,
preeclampsia, and cesarean delivery. If you not doing workout, you are delivery is very to
be complicated. As per doctor advice, you must to do some exercise and it may help to
delivery to be normal.


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