What are the types of labor?

Labors are the pillars of any industry and they have the responsibility to finish the task in a
particular time. There are so many types of labors are available and they do different labor jobs. Everything is changed in the world by the help of the labor.
 Physical labor
 Mental labor
 Skilled labor
 Unskilled labor

 Productive labor
 Unproductive labor
These are all the main six types of labor and they are doing the different task and let’s see detailed about it.

Physical labors

They are the most wanted labors and they have done all the works physically. They are working everywhere and they do all kind of manual works. Works are the backbone of any industry without the labors there is no production. That is the reason for every industry needs labor. They are working for the still there are so many labors are working for the increasing the production of the company. Most of the time they are treated well and that is the reason for they do strikes.Every labor has the dream about their life but most of the industries are don’t care about their feature. Most of the industries are using them as the use and through the product. Without physical labor, industries are nothing. Even many more technologies are developed and that is the reason for the unemployment of all the country. Technology is must it will never affect the labors life.

Mental labor

mental labor
These labors are doing this process with mentally which means they are making the plane for all the process. that is the reason they are called mental labor. Planning is more important for the implementation that is the reason they are placed in all the industries. They are planning for how to finish the work on time with more perfection and they will tell it to the physical labors and they will start to implement it. it is also not a simple thing it will be a more stressful one. so that most of the doctors are recommending these kinds of people to do meditation. It will be more support for the planning purpose. Still, there are so many mental labors are torture suffered without sleep. It happens because of the over thinking so meditation is the only way to protect labors from the stress.

Skilled labor

skilled labor
Skilled labors are the labors they are trained up for how to complete the process with more
perfection. Most of the companies are giving more salary to them. Become skilled labor is not a simple thing because it depends upon the involvement. It is not a simple thing to be in a single company for a long time. Then only they will mention you as the skilled labor. Most of the people are having starting trouble in all the work. So that most of the companies are paid them very low cost. After the experience, they have more responsibility to finish all the process. this indicates that labors are don’t have any freedom in any companies. Some of the companies are misusing skilled labors for their production work. So the skilled labors also have problems in industries.

Unskilled labors

unskilled labor

Unskilled labors are simply called as the fresher’s and they know the basic things only. the
management will teach them for training and then they will become a skilled one. it will take a minimum one year for becoming the expert. If you are in more involvement you will become the expert in six months. So that everybody has to choose the job which gives more satisfaction.Most of the time it is not possible to get satisfying work because of the family situation and poverty. So let’s started to help others for the education purpose and they will remember you till the lifelong. Likewise, the unskilled labors are struggling more to becoming skilled labor. Their salary will be increased when they have become an expert. so being the unskilled labor is the complicated one than the other labor. So let’s be plight with the unskilled labors and motivate them to become the skilled one.

Productive labor

Productive labor
Productive labors are working in the production field only. In every industry, production is the essential one without production nothing will be happening in industries. Even a single product is manufactured by productive labors. Day by day the number of labors are increased because of the population and the salary will not be increased this is also the reason for labors won’t succeed in life. Still, there are trying to become an employer because of the population unemployment is increased. It is not a simple thing to be the productive labor it will be tougher than the normal labor. Worldwide there are so many industries are there all the industries depend upon the labor support. Labors are also giving their best without any expectation. Because they want to be the trusted one for the management. So hereafter don’t underestimate the worth of the productive labors and try to respect them.

Unproductive labor

Unproductive labor
Unproductive labors are completely varying from the productive labors they are planning for the production and its ethics. This is also not a simple thing because it will be more stress for scheduling the production of the products. If the target of production is not completed it will lead to the black mark. Likewise, there are so many complicated things are involved in it. They are also worked in normal companies as well as industries. They are directing the team leader the team leader directs the productive labors. It happened like the chine reaction. Before using every product think about the manufacturing process. These are all the different types of labors and all the labors are struggling in everyday life to fulfilling their needs of the family. They are sacrificing so many things for their family. Likewise, there are so many complicated situations are handled by the labors. 1st May is celebrating as the labors day to making them proud.


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